Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Science Corner

In an effort to put the Acaduh- back in Academomia, I present a little experiment I undertook here at my WAHM desk today.

Problem: I feel crummy.

Hypothesis, H0: Eating too much Easter candy makes you feel crummy and have trouble concentrating.

Experimental Plan: Eat five more mini peanut butter cups.

Result: Fail to reject H0


jenn_ky said...

Because you can never prove that H0 is true, you must perform multiple experiments until the body of research suggests that H0 is likely true. Preferably with different types of candy. Are you that dedicated?

Sarah said...

Funny, I just replicated your study with Oreos. Inconclusive results-- will try again soon. And then again before dinner. And probably once more before bedtime.

Kyla said...

That is a yummy kind of experiment.

Anonymous said...

Remember correlation does not equal causation. I suggest setting up a control environment, possibly eating only candy for one week.


ps- those Easter pictures are CUUUUUTE. I love Charlie's shoes. Why are tiny sneakers so adorable?