Sunday, March 30, 2008

I wonder if he tried to get her number

On a whim, we decided to take Charlie to this place on the way home from church today. We'd never been there before, but the sign said "burgers" and Bravo said "Yes, please! And NOW!"

(That was before I knew about the unlimited fries. How have I lived in this town for five months without knowing there was a restaraunt with unlimited fries practically next door to our church?)

After we were seated we met our waitress, Mackenzie. Mackenzie LOVED Charlie. After she brought him the water we ordered for him she told us we could get him some juice as part of his meal if we wanted. Then Charlie LOVED Mackenzie. Because "Dgooce? Dgooce! Dgooce!" [emphatically sign "more" repeatedly].

When she brought us a basket of fries to munch on while we waited for our burgers (which came with more fries, did I mention that?) she also brought some crackers for Charlie. And every time she passed our table she said to Charlie "Oh my gosh, you are SO CUTE!" Mackenzie is my friend.

And THEN! When she brought our food out she saw me waving a french fry around, trying to cool it off enough for Charlie's delicate sensibilities and said "You know, his food is pretty hot, let me take it back and hold it in the freezer for a little while to cool it off." When she came back with Charlie's delightfully lukewarm chicken fingers basket she said "Brr, it was COLD in that freezer! Oh, and I cut the chicken into smaller pieces so it would cool off faster!" I halfway expected her to offer to sit down with us so she could take over monitoring Charlie's table manners and we could relax.

Not that much monitoring was required. Charlie wolfed down his chicken fingers like we had just picked him up from a desert island instead of our church's walkers' nursery. I guess he was able to set aside his disdain for all easily recognizable forms of protein in the name of puppy love. And with all the extra attention he was completely delightful for the whole meal--coloring nicely on his placemat, alerting us to a dropped crayon with a demure "Uh oh!" instead of screaming, and beaming at Mackenzie every time she passed our table.

To top it all off he took a two hour nap when we got him home!

Is tomorrow too soon to go back?


Rima said...

They were probably a couple of aliens wearing human skins, you know, like in Men in Black? Except nice and peace loving.

Sarah said...

Love Red Robin-- love it. I mean seriously, a fry refill? Is there a better idea in the world of restaurants?

Liz said...

I went to a Red Robin for the first time last summer, after a fun-filled day at Sesame Place.
And sweet jeebus, I am IN LURVE.
In fact, I recently Googled Red Robin to find the nearest one to my house. And let me tell you: I nearly got in my car and drove back to Pennsylvania just to have another jalepeno burger.

Kyla said...

Wow. Do all Red Robin's come with a Mackenzie? Because I think that would be an EXCELLENT marketing strategy.

Anonymous said...

The first time we ever went to a Red Robin just happened to be on Father's Day. It was completely full, and I really understand why. It's Dad's day, so he wants someplace with good beer and burgers, but at the same time someplace that can keep the kids happy and entertained so there are no meltdowns, etc. It's definitely one of our family favorites.

Anonymous said...

Red Robin ROCKS! Wait until Charlie is a teenage boy (like your cousins who live nearby in the South). "Unlimited Fries" takes on a whole new meaning!!
-Round Rock Paulsens

Shannon said...

I love that place. And so does the baby causing all of my cravings too! We found out about it when some of our friends became ridiculously giddy and excited when they started building one nearby. Now that it's open, we all go there quite often.

Robin said...

I absolutely love that place. Be sure to try their milkshakes next time! Oh - and they don't advertise it, but they do give refills on kids meals! (which definitely comes in handy when they are older, but not quite ready for the adult size burger/etc.

sarah said...

so funny! I avoid Red Robin like the plague b/c I'm not pregnant and therefore have no excuse! LOL

We go to a sushi place that has waitresses like that and one of them actually DOES sit down and help Ethan eat his miso soup and tofu while Husband and I eat our sushi. We live a ginormous tip. LOL