Monday, March 3, 2008

Analyze This

I just downloaded five songs from iTunes:

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
"Somebody to Love" by Queen
"Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen
"One Bread, One Body" by Cantemos Unidos
"Let Us Break Bread Together" by Discovery Singers

Is it any wonder the "shuffle" feature on my iPod makes me so nervous?*

*One time a friend from church, a retired Methodist pastor, and his wife came over to visit Charlie when he was a newborn and I had my iPod on shuffle. It played some innocuous folk music for a few minutes before launching right into the Office Space soundtrack, beginning with "It's Good to be a Gangsta". You've never seen a postpartum woman move so fast.


a. beaverhausen said...

That little scenario made me bust out laughing. Wonder what people would think of my musical selections.

jenn_ky said...

Hilarious! At least you were there to stop it. I was playing a Prince CD in the living room while my MIL was helping me wrap up knicknacks during a move. I took a load out to the car, and when I came back, it was near the END of "U Sexy M*****F***er".

Sarah said...

Ha! Do you have any Charlie music on there? Because my favorite transition is from like The Clash to Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes

Kyla said...