Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weeping and Gnashing of Gums

WARNING: Now that I am full of Ikea meatballs and macaroni and cheese (and ok, some chocolate cake too) I realize that this entry is not clever, well written, or particularly interesting. It was the screaming echoing in my head, I think. Or the low blood sugar.

Screamy McCranky is down for his second nap of the day. It's 11:30.

It started yesterday at the grocery store. We were in the checkout lane. Charlie was chewing on the buckle for the seatbelt in the cart. "Charlie" I said calmly "Please don't put that in your mouth."


The poor cashier started frantically searching for a balloon to calm him down. "He's fine" I said with a warm smile concealing my inner "Dude, what the hell?" I had to raise my voice to be heard over the screaming. Other shoppers smiled at me sympathetically as I rolled him out of the store, still screaming.

Since then he's been FREAKING OUT over even the smallest request.

"Don't touch the fireplace"


"Please sit on your bottom"


"Stay out of the dog food"


"Make Mama a cocktail"


It's the exact same scream every single time. And while his mouth is conveniently open for the screaming, he holds his gums with his hand as if to say "My teeth hurt, I need to touch the fireplace/jump on the chair/set fire to the curtains."

What on earth are you supposed to do? Should there be no rules when they are feeling bad?

I figured the best way to keep from completely losing my mind by the end of the day was to keep him away from temptation. So we've been doing lots of snacks, books, really annoying TV shows featuring purple dinosaurs that have a magical effect on him, and naps. And also Motrin.

If you haven't heard anything else from me by Friday send help.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, let Dr. Barney work his magic until the teeth resolve themselves...sometimes it's the only thing that helps. Ugh. GOOD LUCK!

Anna said...

i don't even know if you know that read this, but you make me laugh so hard. and poor charlie...

you'll make it, mama.

Anna said...

yeah, that's anna. anna spiegel. :)

Someone Being Me said...

I know the feeling. Hylands Teething Tablets and frozen teething rings are the best I can offer. Hopefully he will get better soon.

Kyla said...

Poor Charlie. We feel your pain. KayTar is teething molars and it wasn't until reading this that it clicked that THAT must be why BubTar and I keep rolling our eyes at each other and saying things like "Whew. That KAYTAR sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Again." on an almost daily basis.

sarah said...

OMG, I had the same. exact. day today (the whining, not the IKEA treats). Let's hope tomorrow is a better day, shall we?!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, sounds like a perfect time to leave him with Ryan and escape to North for a weekend :) :)

Anonymous said...


You need to check out the blog of a friend of mine who is also a dissy writing-diaper changing mom:


take care,

Michael Avablah-blahsit

Sarah said...

Seriously, what is it about Barney that's so compelling? I so don't get it, but Harry is also charmed by him.

Teething is the pits, huh? But the teeth are so darn cute when they finally appear. And sharp.

a. beaverhausen said...

Wait...you mean to tell me that you can get Mac & Cheese at IKEA? No fooling?

Marianne said...

Poor Mama ... and Poor Charlie!

Cranky or not, that child is still edible!