Saturday, February 2, 2008

They call him Baby Blogger

You know that expression "It was quiet. Too quiet."? How true that tired cliche is when you live with a toddler. Especially, I am told, a boy toddler.

Friday I was puttering around while Charlie played nicely in the family room, trying to finish the four loads of laundry that seem to have appeared out of thin air in the mere days since I last did laundry (It couldn't have been that long right? The clean clothes from that laundry day hadn't even been put away yet). He was playing so nicely, in fact, that I thought it would be safe to run to the laundry room for a second to switch the last load from the washer to the drier.

What's that other cliche? Oh yes, it's "I was only gone for a second."

As I worked in the laundry room (all of ten feet away from the kitchen and family room) I kept one ear out for Charlie. I could hear him playing with his ball popper, then his shape sorter. Then I heard him go over to the cabinet he's allowed to open and pull all the plastic bowls and sippy cups out.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I hadn't heard a peep out of him in several moments. I couldn't tell how long it had been because I was engrossed in hanging all my mom-t-shirts up on hangers so the dryer wouldn't shrink them (thus limiting their effectiveness at concealing my post-baby tummy). But I knew the familiar monologue that usually accompanies Charlie's independent play had stopped.

A little nervous, I peeked around the corner into the kitchen not knowing what to expect.


Mama's Computer, with its irresistable siren song, its enticing lights that flash, its magical Windows XP error noises. The temptation overwhelmed him.

I froze. Like any parent whose child has accomplished a feat of supreme mental acuity and physical strength, I wanted to take a picture. But I couldn't leave the room a second time to look for my camera (Although, maybe if I had left him alone for a few more minutes he could have figured out where my Matlab code went wrong).

Very slowly and with no sudden movements I glided over to the table and scooped him up. I must have interrupted something important because he was MAD. I was laughing too hard for any kind of discipline to be effective so I just deposited him back in the family room among his toys, which are appropriate, safe, and free from large amounts of potential energy.

I'm still not done with the laundry.


Someone Being Me said...

That is hilarious. Bear is similarily obsessed with my laptop. I type with it on my lap while sitting the living room. He will pull himself up and reach over and pull the screen down. But I think Charlie has him beat for sure. Now he has something to aspire to.

Kyla said...

KayTar is an expert at the laptop. She gets from website to website on her own. She gets to websites and we can't even figure out how she got there!

Our kids are doomed to computer geekdom. ;)

Sarah said...

Good for you for NOT taking the picture-- hard though, huh? Especially on the computer!

I think I say "The table is for food, not for babies-- are you food?" about seven thousand times a day.

Avonlea said...

I eventually gave up trying to be on the computer with our little guy in the same room. He always came over to try to type on the keys. I did get a pic last year of him standing next to the coffee table typing away on my laptop.