Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pregnancy after a loss: the neuroses begin

Monday: Feel sick all day. Munch on string cheese, cereal, chocolate donuts, whatever will make me feel full and not sick. Ryan comes home and finds me in a familiar pregnancy position--lying on the couch complaining about how sick I feel and would he please make something for dinner except I don't know what because nothing sounds good. Try not to cry.

Tuesday: The same except Charlie is home all day. Wonder aloud to anyone who will listen why in God's name anyone would have three kids.

Wednesday: OB recommends supplimenting B6 and calcium because it might help with the morning sickness.

Thursday: WOOHOOO!!! Eat whatever I want whenever I want. Play with Charlie. Go to Little Gym. Feel normal! Tell everyone I know about B6 and calcium.

Friday: Get tons of work done, feel great, postpone dinner until eight o'clock because YAY! NO MORNING SICKNESS!

Saturday morning, 1 AM: Crap. No morning sickness. Morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Something must be wrong. Freak out.

Saturday morning, 8 AM: Maybe I won't take my vitamins today just to see if the morning sickness comes back. Then I will know everything is fine with the baby.


And we have lunch plans with friends at a barbeque restaraunt. I can barely type the word barbeque without gagging.

I took the vitamins (gee, ya think?).


Liz said...

here in the house of h, we're all about the b6 vitamins, and no iron for 4 months. the iron made me extra barfy... but god bless that b6!

Art Nerd said...

Man, where was the b6 advice about 6 months ago? I wonder if that would've helped me?

Kyla said...

My "vitamins" were phenergan and Zofran and I was still a little too up close and personal with a certain fixture in my bathroom. Ahhh, pregnancy.

Jen said...

Where was that advice when I was wearing freaking sea sickness bands to try to stave off nausea...3 Prenancies in a ROW! I'm calling my doctor out for a duel!

Rima said...

Oh, this post brings back so many memories. I was all about the B complex vitamins, too. I'm glad you have found relief, and I hope that everything continues to go swimmingly!

anastasia beaverhausen said...

Congratulations! I'm late to the usual! Hope the barfy element goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I finally made it into your blog. I hope you enjoyed the BBQ a little bit!


Sarah said...

Sometimes, I am envious of people with morning sickness because I gain all of my weight in my first trimester (well, okay, not al, but a lot), and that's not baby. That's me eating brownies six tmes a day.