Friday, February 15, 2008

Ladies' Nite

I'm back in the Old Town, all footloose and toddler free, hanging out with my friends A and Godmother. Charlie is having Boyz Weekend with Ryan and my dad back in South.

Couple of things...

Packing? Not as hard when it's just for you. Clothes? Check, done. No sippy cups, no bottles, no bibs, no diapers, no toys. I allowed about an hour for packing and was done in about fifteen minutes.

I brought one carry-on and a book to read. It was fabulous. I read seventy-five pages on the plane. I also checked only one bag. It was so blissfully simple.

Not simple? Leaving Charlie at daycare this morning knowing I wasn't going to see him until he woke up Monday morning. Poor Miss Nellie held him indulgently while I rubbed my face all over his head for an awkwardly long time before leaving.

Now it is time to go eat Mexican food and lament the fact that we are under a Winter Storm Warning (I regret that nostalgia laden post about missing winters in the Old Town now because apparently the Universe was LISTENING). And also talk too loud and laugh a lot and tell inappropriate stories that run Godmother's husband out of the house.

Have a good weekend!


Kyla said...

How fun! And YES! It is so simple to pack for just one grown up. Babies come with a lot of stuff!

Rima said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! There's nothing like a good girls' weekend. I had one in NYC last spring and it still lifts my spirits to think about it.


Sarah said...

Sounds super fun!!