Thursday, January 10, 2008

We've been promoted!

To the pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor! Seriously I am considering getting a nanny and paying her with the extra cash we will be saving in copays once Charlie stops going to that germ farm three days a week.

So, what else... still not sleeping much, still drinking a lot of coffee, went to the Y last night to swim laps, then made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to compensate for all that bad bad exercise.

Spent yesterday sending references and graphs and data to Dr. Advisor to backup the validity of my data only to have him keep saying to do this one thing (that I DID both on my data and on the data in the reference and got the same results) that he says will prove that he is correct and that my data is wrong thus throwing me back to--oh--six months ago progress-wise. Finally found the right words to put in an email that made it look like I was asking a question when really I was saying "Really? Have you even LOOKED at the references I sent you??" I said "I'm a little confused... I found a difference between [these two things] both in the literature and in our own historical data, why are we using this constraint that they must be the same now?" Gah! So frustrating! It would have been really super to spend one of my three work days a week actually making progress instead of having a protracted email argument, slinging attachments back and forth, taking deep breaths and counting to ten. I mean, he could be right, but I wish he would explain himself because I'm just not seeing it, especially in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

OH! And I made a friend! She has a BS in Engineering and a one-year old JUST LIKE ME. And she likes coffee JUST LIKE ME. We went for a long walk to the big green coffeeshop on Tuesday and if Cranky McSnots-a-Lot is feeling better this afternoon we will go again today. Except maybe this time the kids will get to play on the playground instead of being confined to their strollers the whole time.

Oops! The Clogged Eustacian Tube Kid has awakened! I must hurry to the bunker of snot.


Someone Being Me said...

I feel your pain. Bear has been sick nonstop for the past 6 months since I put him in daycare. I've lost count of the number of infections he has gotten. Tubes helped a little but he still got RSV, stomach bugs, and various other ailments. I feel like I should have a speed pass for the doctors office.

Kyla said...

Oh you. I feel your pain. I think we could buy a second house for all we've spent on co-pays this year...not to mention parking fees! Our ped's office and alllllll the specialists are in pay-to-park lots.

Yay for new friends! And coffee!

Sarah said...

Poor baby! But a new friend- cool! And I feel your work angst-- I have a book chapter do to the editor in TUESDAY, so I am using one of my three precious workdays this week right now!!