Saturday, January 26, 2008

The One

We saw a house I like to call "my house" today.

We found it on the way back from an afternoon of looking at open houses in a very pretty and very unaffordable neighborhood north of South because we read in the newspaper that they were having an open house with free food (here's a thought... maybe if you're willing to spend thirty minutes in the car for some free tortilla roll ups and lemonaide you're not ready to buy a house). It was a whole neighborhood designed around families, including an excellent elementary school right in the center. When the three of us walked in, carrying a big sign that said "target demographic", the realtor pounced. It took several minutes to shake him off (mostly because Ryan continued to tease the realtor by asking lots of questions about the type of insulation in the walls until he finally led us upstairs to have a peek into the attic so we could see the insulation for ourselves) so we could run around and look in all the closets.

On the way home we decided to turn at an open house sign for a neighborhood we had never considered before but that met my requirements for proximity of the grocery store, Blockbuster, and Dominoes. After a ridiculous number of turns marked by yellow and red ballons (we discussed how we would give directions to the house to friends--"take your first right, then your third left, then your fourth left, then your second right, and then we're the seventh house on the right. It's super easy, just remember one-three-four-two-seven... Got it?") we pulled into the driveway just as the clouds parted and a luminous sunbeam fell upon the house and the sound of a thousand golden harps filled the air.

It was pretty. And it had a foyer. And it had a little room off the living room with french doors where we could cram all the toys at night so it looked like big people lived there. It had 42 inch maple cabinets in its eat-in kitchen. When we went out onto the covered patio with a stained concrete floor Charlie happily pointed out the wooden swingset (featuring two baby swings I might add) that CONVEYS. It had a formal dining room with beautiful paint and curtains (I wept a little when I learned all the window treatments were staying) and a family room upstairs. Across the street was a huge park with a trail leading to another park where in the summer they show movies outside on a big screen at night and that also has swings, climbing equipment, slides, tennis courts, a pool, and soccer fields. The best part is it's close enough to where we are now that we could use the same daycare and go to the same church.

It's perfect. It's twenty thousand dollars out of our price range.

Anyone know how I can make a quick twenty grand?


Anonymous said...

Legally? Cause How connected are you to your kidneys? :) --abby

Kyla said...

Kidneys. You have two. Who needs TWO of the same organ? LOL.

I'm glad you found it.

Sarah said...

Internet poker.

Leslie said...

well, an extra $20K on a 30-year mortgage at 5.625% is only an extra $115 a month. Does that help?