Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From Scratchy-town

Charlie's feeling much better. The rash has faded considerably and he has stopped scratching. Last night we gave him an oatmeal bath for the itching and he kept licking his wet fingers and saying "Mmmm!"

At his followup appointment Monday afternoon, our regular pediatrician found that Charlie had a NEW ear infection in his right ear (he was on the Augmentin for an infection in his left ear... that ear is fine now). Dr. G was so frustrated that when he went out in the hall to order the antibiotic shot (yeah, more on that later) I heard him talking about Charlie to another doctor. He said "I feel terrible! Every time she comes in I have to tell her he has another ear infection. It's just awful. And he had this terrible reaction to Augmentin. I just don't know what to do. Will you go in there and check to make sure it's not just me?!" So she came in and looked in Charlie's ears and said "Yep. Looks infected to me."

Since he's already on the oral steroid that he hates, and since he had such a terrible time with the Augmentin we decided to give him a one-time shot of antibiotics instead of an oral prescription. So less than twenty-four hours after his terrible emergency room experience Charlie had to have two more shots (one in each leg) at his followup. He needed a lot of extra cuddling yesterday afternoon.

I took him to Panera for lunch today thinking the almost thirty-minute drive would make him conk out (but no luck there). He ate his grilled cheese sitting on a regular sized chair and learned to drink out of a straw with the milk box they gave him (That was really really funny. And also messy. He kept tipping the box up like a sippy cup and dribbling milk all over himself).

On the way out to the car I handed him the milk to have in his stroller and when I pulled him out of the stroller to put him in the carseat I took the milk away and was surprised that the box felt nearly empty (it was pretty full when I gave it to him). I checked his clothes and the stroller for milk, but didn't find any so I figured he drank it. While I was putting the stroller in the trunk I glanced at him through the back windshield just as the milk came spraying out the sides of his pacifier like a lawn sprinkler.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a workday for me but I'm not sure if the rash will look un-infectious enough for that. I would like to get some work done, but we're having a lot of fun hanging out here. Although it would be really super if he would start napping again (I think it's the steroids).


Anonymous said...

Steroids are horrible for sleeping, for both big and little kids :) --a

Kyla said...

Becca! AGH! I am so so sorry. This is all terrible. Your poor boy. And you! You must be banging your head repeatedly into something by now. Gah. Another EI? [insert sad crying face here]

How is his pain from the injection? Those AB shots can be really painful. The ped's nurse says it feels like having a baseball INSIDE your butt cheek. When BubTar had one, it was painful and swollen for a full 7 days, poor dude. But KayTar has had them and not had such a painful reaction, though. I hope Charlie isn't hurting. Poor Eustachian Tube Kid.

This & That said...

My ear infection prone son could not tolerate Augmentin, first it never worked and secondly it tore him up, I am sure you are contending with some interesting baby output. Poor guy!

Glad a warm oatmeal bath relaxed him and hopefully helped him sleep well.

Homestead Mom said...

We may be pukey here, but that is not nearly as worrying as a systemic allergic reaction. The ear infection thing - bah! I'd figure you & Charlie were due for a break soon... hopefully the new doc can shed some light on the whole situation.

Thanks for keeping up with our trials while you're in the middle of your own issues.

And the milk spray? Yup. Each time Pequita becomes enchanted with a new delivery system for milk, water, yogurt (those tubes are great!) she overindulges and tends to regurgitate too. Lovely that Charlie waited for the car seat. :)

Sarah said...

First of all yum Panera! Second of all, the oatmeal bath is hilarious!! Third, glad he's better, and fourth, sucks about the ear infection!! Harry's cousin was the same way, got tubes, and is all better and much happier in general-- I hope everything goes well with the ENT!!

Rima said...

I'm glad he's feeling better, but what a terrible situation to be in! Poor little dude (and his parents).

kirsten said...

Glad to hear he is getting better (well...except for that ear infection of course). Hopefully you and Charlie can eventually get some rest. Sure wish there was something I could do for you both.