Monday, January 28, 2008

The Evolution of Charlie

They say babies have trouble sleeping the week or so before they accomplish something new. If that's the case then I expected he would be reciting the Odyssey to us from memory by now. In the original Greek. But this is pretty cool too.

Behold the biped.

Untitled from charlielaughs on Vimeo.

The last clip is my favorite. I love how proud he is!

(Yes, as a matter of fact that IS our Christmas Tree in the background. What the hell month is it anyway?)

It all started when my mom had finished reading him a story and set him down on the floor on his feet expecting him to drop to his knees and crawl away. Instead he just stood there looking at us like "Why do you look so surprised? I've been doing this for HOURS."

I think he chose today to finally put it all together because he had so much fun in the older toddler nursery at church. They said if he still couldn't walk next week he'd have to go back to the young toddler nursery where they don't go out to the playground or sit at a table and eat snacks (but where they do cuddle you in a rocking chair until you conk out and start drooling). That kid will do anything for a Goldfish.

p.s. I should be working out right now but I'm too full of our latest ethnic cooking experiment--latkes--to even consider it. Ironic, eh?


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! How fun!!! A whole new level of baby proofing will ensue! --abby

Kyla said...

WOOT! Go Charlie! I loved how he toppled over a few times, and then he was victorious at last!

I'm so excited! Digital milestone media is the greatest. LOL.

Sarah said...

So adorable! I love how he just launches forward! I also enjoy the heavy breathing and the jammies-- I love a baby in collared jammies. Also, latkes-- did you have them with applesauce and sour cream? Because that's heaven.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, little guy!!

By the way, your cold, heartless "Ross, go away" nearly reduced me to tears. Poor puppy. Nobody loves him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here comes trouble!!!! He'll be out to conquer the world in no time!