Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bionic Baby

Tubes are in! Charlie did great. After lots of waiting the procedure and recovery only took about twenty minutes.

We arrived about an hour early because I allowed too much time for traffic and getting lost (which is good because there was traffic and I did get lost and even spent about fifteen minutes waiting in the waiting room of the wrong place). A nurse called Charlie back pretty quickly though and while we waited Charlie and Phent got to ride around in a wagon and play with a toy dog that danced and sang "Low-ride-er". The wagon ride seemed to hypnotize him so I just kept making laps up and down the hall to keep him calm.

Charlie Gets Tubes in his Ears
Here he is in the wagon with the singing dog.

Charlie Gets Tubes in his Ears
Here's Charlie with another kid (named Jet, how cool is that?). Charlie and Jet were a hit among the nurses. They had lots of fun together until the doctors came and took Jet to the back in his bed. Then Charlie seemed nervous.

No worries... A few more laps in the wagon and he was practically asleep. I put him and Phent in his crib and sang to them for a few minutes and Charlie fell fast asleep despite being so very hungry. He wasn't allowed to eat anything after 2:15 this morning and he was asleep then so his last meal was dinner last night. He repeated "NaNANah" (banana) like a mantra all the way down the freeway, all the way in from the car, and for a while in the waiting room. I was so relieved that he was able to sleep. Not to mention being wiped out from the four mile wagon pulling marathon.

Charlie Gets Tubes in his Ears

He was still asleep when the doctor came to get him. He and the nurses whispered their instructions then carefully pulled back the curtain and gently rolled Charlie down the hall, still asleep.

After the procedure, a nurse carried him out to me, carefully cradled against her chest. Charlie was half asleep but still hanging on to Phent and his pacifier. I get a little vaclempt whenever I think about the nurse telling me on the phone that he could bring his lovey with him. Because he is just a tiny little guy and was going to be all alone with doctors and nurses wearing masks and hairnets and they were going to be doing things to him and he would be all alone and that's SCARY.

She led me to a big comfy recliner chair and handed Charlie to me. He cried and curled into a tight ball on my lap. He finally relaxed when the nurse gave him a sippy cup full of apple juice. He drank all the juice without taking a break and then started crying again when it was gone.

My mom had left us some money to treat us to lunch on the way home, so I took him to a diner where they are known for their all-day breakfasts and really huge pancakes. Charlie sat on my lap and stared intensely at the eggs and bowls of fruit on our neighbor's table until the waiter brought him his plate with a pancake and two scrambled eggs on it. When he saw the waiter headed our way with a tray heaping with mountains of food glorious food he spat out his pacifier with so much force it landed about five feet away from our table and lunged for his plate. Every time he ran out of little pieces of pancake he pointed at the plate and bounced in his seat "More! More!" I fed him big bites of egg with my fork. His appetite was insatiable. He ate almost the entire pancake and most of the eggs and was still asking for more when I vaguely remembered something the nurse had said about vomiting and decided it was time to go.


Then he took a three hour nap.


Steff said...

I was thinking about you two! I am glad it all worked out great! You will be simply amazed even in the next couple of days!!

Art Nerd said...

He's a trooper! Poor little guy. I hope all those eggs stay in place for you, mama. :)

Steph said...

It sounds like you BOTH did very well. I'm so glad, and I hope that the ear infections are a thing of the past.

Sarah said...

Glad it went well-- so funny about him spitting out his pacifier for the food-- ha! And after reading that, Harry and I are having eggs and pancakes for dinner-- yum!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear it went well. What a brave little guy! Nothing's impossible...with Phent!

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD it went well!! Tubes have been a miraculous thing for many of our friends' kids. And a three hour nap? Score!!

Kyla said...

Glad it went well!!

I'm always glad KayTar has her Gee, especially when I can't be with her in the scary things.

I hope the Eustachian Tube Kid is a persona that is officially retired!

LL said...

I'm glad it went so well! Landon has a surgery coming up on Wednesday and I'm not looking forward to being back in a hospital. I he does as well as your little guy :)

sarah said...

I'm so glad it went well. What a brave little guy! (((((((hugs)))))))))