Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby was Born to Ride

On his way back to the North Pole, Santa swung by our place to drop off one more present that had fallen between the seats of the sleigh.

Charlie kept trying to climb out of the highchair to get to it until we finally got it all put together and let him at it. He knew what it was and even tried to ride the big blue piece right out of the box with no wheels. I think they have them at daycare and I think there's only one which is a big problem in the 12-18 month room I would imagine.

Here he is right after Ryan got him out of the highchair. He was so excited he didn't even finish his waffle or beg for Nilla Wafers.

The Approach

That face says it all (and makes all the crow I will be eating re: not having primary colored plastic toys taking over my house taste like lemon icebox pie).

Oh Wow!  Oh Wow!  Is it really mine?

Once he got on he tore around the kitchen/breakfast area exclaiming "Bow! Bowwwww! BOWWWWW!" (Wow! Wowwww! Wowwwwwweeeee!) and squealing. He was so GOOD at it. I thought we would have to push him around for a little while until he got the hang of it but he was already quite capable of the push-coast-push-coast maneuver. He even got a little fancy and rested one knee on the seat and used the other foot to push. Then he turned around and drove it backwards.

Blissed out boy

Aside: Ryan, dressed for work, looks GOOOOOD. Hott even. He's wearing my favorite shirt of his and it makes him look all professional and bringing home the bacon-ey (which he actually is right now, except he's bringing home the Chipotle, after putting Charlie to bed, what a guy!).

This is not good

We will save the no talk-no text while driving rule for tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

It's never too early to learn about safe driving habits. Even if you the "open road" you frequent is just the dining room floor. Cute pics!

Sarah said...

welcome to my world of huge plastic toys. my house looks like a daycare center. harry will soon start to sleep in a big plastic bed. my god.

so cute in the car-- he really does look fantastically happy!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't make you eat crow about the plastic if you weren't also carrying a HUGE mom purse.

Of course, I carry a huge mom purse.

If you start carrying an Elmo backpack, I'm coming down there.


Homestead Mom said...

Oh, yeah. Pequita loves her little plastic car from Country Grandpa, except he was thoughtful enough to get the fully-loaded model. Ours beeps, mimics the sirens of several different emergency vehicles and plays little tunes to keep her entertained on her long drives around the dining room table. Joy.

sarah said...

I hear you on the primary color invasion. I just ordered a storage bin collection that screams primary colors and I am shuddering over it, but what can you do?

Kyla said...

CUUUUUUUTE! Zoom, zoom, zoom. LOL.