Friday, January 18, 2008

And a good day it was!

Look what I got done before/during morning nap:

Clean! Flags finally hung up (after we've lived here HOW LONG?!)!
When Charlie woke up from his morning nap he was really excited about the flags. He kept pointing at each one and saying "Bow! Oooh! Bowwww!"
The Texas flag is the one that was flying over the capitol building the day he was born. The smaller one is the maritime signal flag for "C" which when you are spelling things over the radio you call "Charlie" a la "Alpha Bravo Charlie One Niner!".

Clean(er than before)!
Maybe time to hang some stuff on the walls? Maybe? Charlie "helped" with Ryan's nightstand which is the reason for all the paper underneath it.

The reason the rooms are finally clean, Mama finally did some laundry (and unpacked from our Christmas trip)!

[not pictured, basket of clean towels that was already folded and put away]

[also not pictured, half dozen homemade cookies I ate before 10 am, or two cups of coffee I drank with those cookies (you might be able to tell)]

All while maintaining a lively email discussion with Dr. Advisor.

After that was Little Gym!

Little Gym

Then Wendy's, lunch refusal, afternoon nap refusal, surprisingly (given Charlie's lack of nutrition and sleep) happy trip to the mall with our friends, and an fun-filled trip the mall playground where, after waiting patiently at the slide as big kid after big kid pushed past him to slide down, Charlie grabbed a fistful of the back of a big kid's sweater and pulled him off the bottom of the slide. (That was a proud moment for me).

Oh, and I made a pot of potato soup for dinner. Seems like I do that every time we have a cold front.


Anonymous said...

Just reading everything you did makes me tired :) abby

Kyla said...

Whew! What a day.

How did you get that flag?! That is awesome!

Sarah said...

go charlie! he's tough, huh? It never ceases to amaze me how doing house stuff and kid stuff and consumer stuff can take the entire day-- the whole day-- in ways that writing or teaching really can't. and when I spend a whole day killing myself domestically, I am much more likely to say "nothing" when asked what I did all day than when I spend a few hours writing in a coffee shop. Weird, huh?

sarah said...

can I move in with you?