Thursday, January 31, 2008

1-2-3 Latin for Babies Here We Come

It seemed like Charlie was chattier yesterday after waking up from his big nap and having a bottle of milk. I thought it was just me. But when Ryan got home from work he was amazed at how much more he was talking.

He was using new sounds, new inflection, and babbling about EVERYTHING. Charlie snapped a rubber band that was hanging off a doorknob and shrieked and giggled at the noise it made.

He was in the living room with my parents while they watched American Idol and he started dancing along with the auditioners (bouncing at the knees, jazz hands outstretched, swaying side to side).

When Ryan was putting him to bed Rossby barked in the back yard on the other side of the house from Charlie's room and Charlie stopped drinking and said "Woof woof!" then opened his mouth really big and panted like Rossby does. (he already had both those tricks before, but he's never noticed Rossby barking before when he is in his room)

He laughs when he hears Rossby's collar jingling when he runs through the house, a sound he never seemed to notice before.

We were walking into the grocery store today and some eighties pop song was on and the second he heard it he started dancing in my arms (I started dancing like a fool along with him right there by the shopping carts, so excited was I about his newfound hearing. If you saw someone in the grocery store this morning who was totally oblivious to her surroundings and who was dancing with a toddler and exclaiming "Good! Music! Yes! Good boy! I like this song too!!" then we probably live near eachother).

The words he already uses sound clearer and more distinct from eachother ("Mah mih" used to be interchangably "more milk" and "Mama" but now I can tell the difference).

He's more confident with his walking too. When he was watching American Idol last night (I know I know) he walked all the way from the couch to the TV cabinet because he wanted to (previously we had to encourage him to try but he just took off this time).

He was always a happy kid but this it totally new. We accidentally kept him up until 7:45 last night (usual bedtime is 6:30) because he was still so happy we didn't even KNOW he was up late. Usually we don't even look at the clock--we just put him down when he starts getting cranky--and it's always about 6:30. But tonight our system stopped working because he was such a happy guy. Everyone told me I'd notice a change, that he'd be a happier baby, but I didn't believe them because he was already such an even tempered, happy kid. I had no idea there was room for improvement.

The change is amazing. I am so glad we did this for him.


Sarah said...


I'm the idiot at the grocery store making car noises up and down the aisles b/c Harry likes to pretend he's driving the cart, so you'd still look normal with me-- wish we could shop together!

Rima said...

That is awesome news! He must have really been struggling with the hearing. I'm so glad for all of you!

Dr. Maureen said...

Oh, yay! That is so cool. You should bring call that mean doctor who thought you were jumping the gun on the tubes and say, "IN YOUR FACE!"

Kyla said...

Wow. So tubes are magical? Dude, that's cool.

I felt the same way when KayTar got her hearing aid. It was amazing, immediately.

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Oh good for you and him!