Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dr. Ryan
Here he is! Dr. Ryan! He's reluctant to accept the title, but I'm working on him. Like "Thanks for pumping the gas, Dr. Ryan," "What would you like for dinner, Dr. Ryan?" "Would you please change Charlie's diaper? After all, you are a doctor!"

Guess where he is now while Charlie and I chill at the Embassy Suites.

He's in his lab with his advisor. Yeah. Someone should really tell him that he's done with school forever.

Anyway, here's a picture of Charlie during the approximately five minutes he was able to stay in his seat with us (notice this is even before the graduates arrived).

Charlie at Graduation

We only brought enough milk and Teddy Grahams to make it through the processional. He waved with us when Ryan walked in. He laughed when Ryan put on his mortar board and laughed when the president of the university appeared on the Jumbotron wearing his. I think it was the tassel.

Of course we had to do this before we dropped Ryan's robe back off at the bookstore. The hood reached the floor when Charlie had it on.


We are back in our old town for the weekend and we've been visiting all of our old favorite spots. Today we drove by our old house. The rosebushes I trimmed right before we moved were all in bloom and the purple, yellow, and white roses looked so pretty against the snowy lawn. (Oh, right, it SNOWED) I could see the outline of the curtains I made for Charlie's room through the window. I wonder if it's still the same pretty blue color we painted it. I wonder if the new owners are using it for their baby.

(I wonder if either of them has gotten spit on while trying to brush their teeth simultaneously in our tiny master bathroom yet. Because it WILL happen. Someone should warn them.)

I dropped in at the old coffee shop this afternoon and I wanted to go to our old grocery store but I didn't want Ryan to think I am crazy so I didn't say anything.

I wish we could stay here. I like where we are now and I love having family so close. But I think the stress of the last three months combined with our recent sad news are making me crave the stability of living in a town where I have lived for the last nine years.

But like I said, it SNOWED. And it is FREEZING. I am not interested in living like that again. The coats, the gloves, the hats, the shivering. No, no, no, and no. And the ice scraping... double no!

I had a meeting with Dr. Advisor that I barely remember because I was so coked up on cold medicine but I think I can put the pieces together with the notes he took and then gave me to take home.

We go back to South tomorrow afternoon and now that graduation is behind us I hope we can settle into some kind of predictable rhythm.


Marianne said...

How awesome! Congratulations to Ryan! The Targo and I are cheering him from Chicago, in ways only beaten-down ABDs can!

Kyla said...

Congratulations, Dr. Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan! I'm so jealous....I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Paging Dr. Ryan! I don't think I'd ever get tired of someone calling me doctor...considering all the hard work it takes to earn the name. Congratulations!

Sarah said...