Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just waiting for an angry neighbor to stop by.

Yesterday while I was working at home my phone rang.

"Do you have a small white dog?" said the voice.

"Not again" I thought, my mind racing through all the terrible possibilities... that dog has used up his proverbial nine lives and more. In the old town he ran across six lane streets four times that we know about once arriving at the mall where he jumped into the car of two strangers who called us to come and get him. I've pulled him out of strangers' backyards once, and Ryan had to fish him out of a nearby pond another time.

"Yes, I do." I said, holding my breath.

"He's in my garage... Are you in TheOldTown?" said the voice. I haven't had new tags made yet.

"No, I'll come and get him." I said. She gave me the address of a house just up the street. She came out of her garage with Rossby on a leash and met me halfway.

"I don't know what happened, but there is some blood on his paw" she said. Sure enough there were several streaks of red blood on his right-front paw. What I thought was a tuft of fur was sticking out of his snout.

"He must have scratched himself when he climbed under the fence" I said as I non-chalantly looked up and down the street for dead or maimed housecats. Rossby has a dark history when it comes to cats and there are about a dozen that I see around here on a daily basis. Each fluffier and cuter than the last. Rossby being out of the yard meant a dark dark day for the cats of South. I thanked the woman profusely and took Rossby home. Once inside I plucked the loose tuft of fur off of Rossby's nose and was horrified to discover that it was PART OF A CAT'S CLAW.

Rossby Close-up
"I got beat up by a cat, yo!"

I think I'll spend the day Christmas shopping so I'm not around when the angry neighbor stops by with his sobbing child to explain that the vet did everything they could but couldn't help poor Snowflake and would I please keep my dog in the house from now on.

This morning he was going all Captain Hook v. Ticking Arm-eating Alligator through the window at some poor cat who dared sleep on one of our patio chairs. I hope he has learned something from this.

"Y'all are a couple of assholes you know that?"
Of course moments like this may have contributed to his delinquent behavior.


Sarah said...

Eeeeeeeeww--- a cat's claw? that's kind of gross. He is a super cute dog, though!

Anonymous said...

My JRT is also quite the escape artist. Nice post!

Marianne said...

Maybe it was some really large cat that took him to task? that wouldn't be quite as humiliating. Quite.

Sarah said...

not that I stalk your blog, but I love your new banner picture-- that about sums it up huh?

Art Nerd said...

To reassure you- my cats' claws shed. So while it may look like it's the whole claw, it's probably just the outside shell. No damage done. My cats have them embedded on each other from playing :)

Oh, Rossby!