Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Early Christmas Present

Ryan: [just out of shower, wrapped in towel, hair wet] "GEEZ!!!"

Me: "What?"

Ryan: "I was so proud of myself for getting Charlie's diaper changed and PJs off while you were taking a shower!"

Me: "Yeah, thanks for doing that."

Ryan: "But while I was in the shower you got yourself all ready for church, got Charlie dressed for church, and packed our suitcase! How do you DO that?!"

Me: [makes gun shape with hand, blows on tip of finger]


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amusing how much better girls are at multi-tasking? (Right now I'm folding clothes, typing and writing the great American novel)--a

Anonymous said...

Shades of yesteryear! Back when we were both deacons at our little church and our first two sons were toddlers, I could dress the boys, pack their diaper bags, dress myself, wash up the breakfast stuff and make the bed in the time it took my husband to shower, shave and dress. Actually, he started his day with a daily "constitutional" and the newspaper, so he fell behind me a lot. I could never convince him to read the paper WHILE his thing. Ryan DOES know that woman use both sides of their brain at the same time, right? That's only one of the things that makes us so awesome.

Kyla said...

LOL. Poor men. Poor, poor men. It must be hard to be so limited. ;)

Sarah said...

omg-- that's our house, too.

sarah said...

We rock, don't we? :-)