Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Redux

At church on Christmas Eve each kid got to pick out an ornament to hang on the tree. After some coaxing that it was ok to touch them, Charlie picked out his ornament, a dove with real feathers for wings that Ryan and I both thought was an angel at first.


But then Charlie showed us how it flapped its wings. Now that I'm looking at the picture I have no idea why I couldn't tell that was a bird. Hmm. Anyway, he was really proud of his Dove/Angel and made it fly during the walk to our seat. But sometime during the first song he handed me one of its wings and it was time for Mr. Dove/Angel to rest behind the Hymnals for a few minutes.


The children's service was perfect for Charlie, who walked back and forth in our pew sometimes laughing, sometimes pointing at something and exclaiming "OOOOOH! BOW!" (which is "wow"). We sang all my favorite Christmas hymns and during each one kids brought their ornaments up and hung them on the Christmas tree. When Angels We Have Heard on High started up Ryan said "That's us!" and grabbed Charlie's hand. We headed down the aisle to help Charlie hang up his now one winged dove (angel?), each holding one of Charlie's hands with Charlie walking between us. It was very sweet.

Here are some more church pictures that are here only because those overalls hurt my teeth they were so cute.



While Charlie slept (and by sleep I mean did not sleep AT ALL not even a little thanks to my insistance that he participate in the small birthday party we had for Jesus at 8:00 Christmas Eve. Cake + 1 year old + bedtime = no sleep for anyone. But man did he have fun!) Santa came and filled Charlie's stocking. It was like Santa could see into Charlie's little heart. There were Cheerios and Animal Crackers and stacking tupperware bowls! And books!



Santa even brought Charlie a ball because he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you flip out at Little Gym when it's time to put the balls away so maybe you'd like to have your own (for goodness sake).


Later we had dinner with Ryan's sister's family. Charlie LOVED hanging out with the big kids (three and four). When they got close to the Christmas tree he warned them not to touch it with stern sounding babble and a wave of the hand (he must have inherited my obsessive need for everyone to follow the rules).

On the way back to South we got stuck in a huge traffic jam and went 20 miles in an hour and a half. It made our normally three and a half hour drive more like five hours but thankfully Charlie was asleep for most of the boring traffic jam part. Ryan finally had to drive over the grass to get onto the service road (at the end of a line of about twenty cars doing the same thing) because there was just no end in sight. When we got to the front of the huge line they had just closed the interstate because a truck had been involved in an accident and spilled some kind of hazardous chemical onto the road. Sooooooo glad we got off the highway when we did.

It was the simplest Christmas we've had since we got married and it was perfect.


Kyla said...

Sounds just perfect! Those overall ARE cute as is the little boy wearing them.

Sarah said...

What a great holiday-- I so wish we had gone to church on Christmas Eve (things a Jewish girl doesn't say very often). "Like Santa could see into his little heart"-- ha!!

sarah said...

Those jammies make me so happy! Glad you had a nice holiday!