Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Am not durnk, i toook Sooooodifed

Remember this time last year when I thought Charlie was SO HUGE? When he had outgrown his Christening outfit and I called him "Growey McEats A-Lot" and I had to order a size 6-9 months sailor suit online for him? When his biggest accomplishment was fleeting moments of eye contact and the occaisional lift of the head off the floor during tummy time?

Clearly my perspective was a little off. I think it was the sleep deprivation. Or the six-week growth spurt (that nearly killed all three of us but was greatly amusing to everyone lucky enough to witness Charlie's prolonged periods of cat-like yowling for food, in that case boob).

Ryan plugged the tree in for the first time this year and Charlie dropped his coveted sippy cup of milk so he would have a hand free to point at the tree and exclaim "OOOOOH!" then crawl towards it saying "Oooh! Oooooooh! Oh! Ooooooh!" The camera is even more interesting than the tree, as you'll see in the second part of this video, in which Charlie looks like Godzilla compared to the first half. Make sure your sound is turned on.

Charlie Christmas Tree, Then and Now from charlielaughs on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: This post was written while under the influence of Sudifed Nighty-Nighttime. Any spelling, usage, or grammar errors, comma splices, run-ons, and any inappropriate humor should be attributed to the fact that all the keys now look the same on the keyboard and I very much need to go lie down so my brain can finish its important work of beating its way out of my skull like a little chick painstakingly pecking out little pieces of egg shell until at last it is free.


Kyla said...

KayTar says, "So keeeeewwwwwwt BAY-BEE! Do-n again."

Art Nerd said...

EEEEE! He's so funny! his laugh is contagious. My cat wanted to know what was so funny in here.

Sarah said...

That's so cute! I love his heavy breathing-- harry does that too, and it cracks me up. His little face just lights up when he sees the camera!!