Thursday, November 8, 2007

We're In The Big House

Yesterday the movers came and brought all our stuff to the Big House where we will be living until we can buy something of our own, probably this summer. The Big House is the house I lived in from eigth grade until I graduated from high school. So yes, nine years of higher education, a husband, and a child and I am once again living with my parents. The parents have suggested I tell people that they are living with me, instead of the other way around, but really it's going to be great. They love Charlie, Charlie loves them. The house is plenty big enough for all of us (it was selected with the goal of surviving daily life with two teenaged girls and so unless you get hungry and need the kitchen you can take care of most of your needs without encountering another person). Our living area swallows up our furniture. And the rug that used to cover the entire exposed floor space of our living room now fits nicely into the foyer (it's an average sized foyer if that gives you any idea of the size of our last place).

I love it here. And it was so great to have our bed back after three weeks of sleeping on the craptastic bed at the tempo-partment with the pit of despair in the middle. Even with Mr. Crankypants waking up approximately fourteen times between 4:00 and 6:20 the first morning and ten times between 2:00 and 4:30 this morning when I finally brought him into bed with me and sent Ryan to the couch where he could cough without waking us up (this cold Charlie brought home is a doozie, we have both had it). The Big Green Coffee Shop, the grocery store, and the video store are all within walking distance so now I don't have to drive so much; my soul feels calmer already.

I spent yesterday unpacking and trying to keep Charlie off the stairs. Boy is he into those stairs. He can crawl all the way up in less than a minute, giggling the whole way. Ryan and my dad installed a shiny new baby gate. One that screws to the wall. It should keep Charlie off the stairs but it will also be fun to turn off all the lights and get on the other side of the gate and ask our dog if he wants to go for a walk and then listen for the "FWUMP!"

I just got back from the Tempo-partment with a big load of our stuff so I need to go put it away before my dad gets back with the first load of their stuff and this experiment in multi-generational living begins.


Kyla said...

Good luck!! My parents lived with us for a while and it was an interesting experience. LOL. But we all lived. Plus, my mom was more than happy to take the early shift with BubTar every day. Bonus!

Sarah said...

My brothers and I all lived at home this summer for a couple of weeks. Harry, too. It was totally trippy, I think because we were all sharing the upstairs bathroom and coming to blows about the temperature in the house, just like when we were kids! Sans brothers, though, it would have been super chill.

Art Nerd said...

It doesn't have to be miserable. I think the difference is that you seem to have your own space (like we do- the MIL suite). Good luck with your multi-gen living!

wordgirl said...

In between the moving out of our old house and the moving in of the present one, we lived with my parents for three weeks. It was not bad at all. Our kids were small and my parents were thrilled with the 24/7 access to a kindergartener, a pre-schooler and an 8-month old baby. Yes, it got to be a little....uh...close there at the end, but after weeks of living with all of our stuff packed into boxes and the stress of trying to get the new place was a pleasant change. Doubt it would work now. Good luck to you!

Marianne said...

I hope the move goes well!

The Targo lived with his parents for the first three years of grad school. He suggested we move in there last year so we could save up for a down payment. I suggested he seek the assistance of a mental health professional. At least your beautiful little son to keep things balanced. I couldn't imagine being newlyweds and trying to procreate under my in-laws' roof. GAH!