Monday, November 5, 2007

This post is not witty, but there are many pictures

Charlie's birthday weekend, or the Festival of Cake as we are calling it, was lots of fun. It started Friday morning at the Tempo-partment where he unwrapped his first present, a bus wagon full of big legos, and had his first piece of cake. Then we took donuts to Ryan at work to celebrate and went to Ikea to pick out a couple of toys together (the inflatable hedgehog was nearly irresistable, but somehow I managed to leave without it).

He loved the busdriver. Now all we need is a construction worker, an Indian, and a cowboy and we'll have The Village Little People!

"Wait, this isn't bananas and plain yogurt!"

Next we went out to my parents' lakehouse for his first party, with more toys and more cake and a very late night for Mr. Charlie who was getting whiney until he saw the cake come out with the pretty candle on it.


"I want to go to bed please."


"Yummy! Have you guys tried this? It's delightful!"

Saturday was his real party with the big family and lots and lots of different dips (because I should really write things down when planning a party instead of wandering around the grocery store half asleep grabbing everything that sounds good to me). I made him this dog cake.


The dog cake almost didn't happen because my engineering background made it nearly impossible to figure out how I could make a dog cake without brown icing. Because dogs are brown, duh! After a good ten minutes trying to figure out what colors you had to mix to get brown I just grabbed some blue and red icing and sprinkles and left. Sometime later in the car (and not coincidentally after I'd had some caffeine) I thought "Blue dog! Of course!" And only now that I am typing this does the thought occur to me that chocolate icing is brown.

Sheesh, is it any wonder I'm having so much trouble with my dissertation?


Marianne said...

Very cute! He really is an adorable little guy.

Kyla said...

He really does suddenly look like such a big boy!

The icing story is hilarious!

Sarah said...

Lucky Charlie-- so many parties! Love that Playskool ball popper, but I can never find all the balls together-- very weird.

Art Nerd said...

Or you could mix blue and orange. Ya know, for future reference ;)