Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving, and the accompanying deluge of advertising suggesting you celebrate the birth of our Savior (or the miracle of the provision of the oil for the consecration of the Temple, did I get that right?) by buying a six-thousand dollar TV made me reflect on how much I really have to be grateful for and how little I really need. My material needs have all been met. I have a reliable car, a warm place to live, more than enough to eat, and plenty of clothing in good condition that will serve me for years to come. I have a great (warm, kind, sexy) husband who loves me and whose job pays enough that I can finish my dissertation (last post's temper tantrum notwithstanding) part time while still getting to stay home with Charlie much of the time and an adorable, healthy little boy. There is nothing more that I need.

Thanksgiving was fun. We had seventeen at the table. Four generations. Charlie ate his turkey chopped and mixed with mashed potatoes and he has an insatiable taste for cranberry sauce. After dinner the little cousins made paper airplanes from plans in the Dangerous Book for Boys while everyone else sat around the table enjoying eachother's company. Thanks to a cold front that passed through Wednesday afternoon it felt like November outside and when Ryan and I took a very bundled up Charlie to the park to go on the swings there were families playing football in their coats and nice clothes. One dad stopped and said he recognized us from church and wished us a happy Thanksgiving.



It was perfect!

Oh, and to Mr. Anonymous, who leaves mean-spirited comments on blogs under the guise of a "helpful suggestion": Your indicates possession while you're is a contraction of the two words you and are. Therefore your comment made no sense and I was forced to delete it.


Kyla said...

LOL. I missed Mr. Anonymous's comment. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it, too, though typically people who hide behind the "anonymous" moniker do so because they're cowards....and because their weak grasp of grammar and sentence construction makes commenting a shameful enterprise. For us it is simply painful to read their pathetic attempts to disguise meanness as a "helpful suggestion". Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Melinda said...

I'm usually a lurker but thought I'd delurk to counteract the negative anonymous comments. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving! And I saw a sign in a storefront the other day notifying about a security camera that said "Smile you'r on camera." Hee Hee! They definitely need your gramatical guidance.

Marianne said...

It does sound like a great Thanksgiving!

And also - Charlie is totally edible.

Sarah said...

So jealous of your weather. We also had a cold front-- the kind that makes ugly Uggs and lots of down a requirement-- not the cute pictures in the park kind-- the frostbite kind!

Homestead Mom said...

My sis got her PhD in epidemiology, didn't like the loneliness of grant writing or the stress of publish or perish and is currently enrolled in an acupuncture program,has a 20 month old son and is happy. Parents think she's nuts but still love her. I didn't get my PhD, worked at a pretty high paying job supporting faculty who *did* get their PhDs, and loved having my nights and weekends free, until the baby richness arrived. Now I love being a SAHM. Parents think I'm nuts, but still love me.

I say do what you feel you need to do. The good people will support you after their period of adjustment, and the chaff will fall away.