Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ooooh, it feels so good. Blazing fast reliable internet after two and a half weeks of "sharing" some stranger's extremely unreliable wireless network. It's delightful. Of course we can't find our wireless router so I can only sit three feet away from the modem. But I don't care. You know what else? Cable. Yes. I'm watching A Wedding Story now and just finished up two episodes of Bringing Home Baby. Charlie's napping. I've unpacked three boxes, sorted all Charlie's clothes, put away the too small and out of season ones, stuffed all the BumGenius diapers, done two loads of laundry, AND brushed my teeth. I've eaten a banana, a cookie, and a piece of whole wheat bread with hippie peanut butter on it.

And I haven't had any caffeine. It's day three. Day one was alright because I had a lot of donuts and cookies. I almost committed several felonies on day two. So far so good today. But I haven't tried to drive anywhere. I'm saving tons of money now that The Big Green Coffee Shop is out of my pockets.

Maybe this is sort of what it's like when a smoker quits and can run up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I can think straight. RIGHT WHEN I WAKE UP! Wild.

The weather has finally improved after being in the low 40s and raining all weekend so maybe we'll go to the park this afternoon. Or maybe I'll still be doing laundry. We've had houseguests for two weeks so I'm a little behind on everything.

I wish I had more to say, but I'm booorrring. Last night Ryan and I stole a couple of minutes to go to the grocery store together to buy paper and pens. Ro-maaannn-tic. He didn't make any comments when I bought more cookie dough, I turned down the radio when Delilah came back on... it's the little things that make a relationship special.


Kyla said...

Are you going to become one of those "morning people"? Because I hear it is really bad for you. LOL.

Congrats on kicking the addiction. I COULD quit anytime I wanted, I just don't want to. Haha!

Sarah said...

Whaaa?? Giving up caffeine VOLUNTARILY? OMG. It's been KILLING me to have only 1 cup a day. Good for you-- and you sound really freaking chipper!

Anonymous said...

I don't drink coffee and so I don't depend on caffeine to wake up. However, I don't think there's a coffee bean in the world that is strong enough to make me a morning person.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see the day when you gave up coffee (or tea for that matter)! I swear you bled tea once on a hurricane trip.

I'm proud of you nonetheless. It encourages me to kick my 1000g of carbs/day diet.