Sunday, November 18, 2007

And that's why it only cost $4

I have this shirt that I bought from the Gap a few months ago. It is black and fitted and has a few little buttons in the front and is comfy. And it was $4. Perfect!

You know how when you buy a fancy dress or low rise jeans you always make sure you can sit down in the item before you buy it? I think next time I buy a shirt I am going to spend a few minutes carrying Charlie around to make sure the shirt's neckline does not allow him to expose my entire bra without me noticing. Like he did at Little Gym on Saturday when I was this close to making a new friend. A new friend who now knows I wear a bra with so much coverage I could use the extra material to make a new pair of pants.**

The potential new friend is not the same woman I had this pre-Birds Class conversation with though:

Her: "My Justin is sixteen months old, he's the oldest boy in this class! How old is your little one?"

Me: "He just turned one a few weeks ago."

Her: "Well I guess Justin isn't the oldest anymore, then!"

Me: blink...blink...blink...turn slowly, pretend to fuss with invisible spot on Charlie's shirt

Now Ryan and I have a little routine where I say "I guess Justin's not the oldest anymore, is he?" in a fake cheerful sing-songy voice and Ryan says "WTF?!" and then stares at me with his mouth partway open.

**not that I'm complaining... this thing is straight out of the Oprah bra-makover-lose-ten-pounds-instantly show.


Sarah said...

That's awesome! Poor Justin is gonna be totally screwed when it's time to learn how to count.

Marianne said...

I'm so with Ryan on this one. WTF? Jeez. I guess they're the same age because they're both one? Maybe applying logic isn't the best way to understand this person. Maybe sucking helium is.

Kyla said...

WTF? That's weird.

But Josh once told someone KayTar was 12 MONTHS old when she was only 12 WEEKS old. The grandmotherly lady looked quite confused by our teeny one year old newborn. LOL.