Saturday, October 13, 2007

They call it "the cable"

Did you know you could hook a wire up to the back of your TV and get like ten million channels? It's true. We have one in our swank corporate apartment. Correction, we have TWO in our swank corporate apartment. We also have a cookie sheet. Together they made for a nice evening of eating cookies and watching the Law and Order SVU Marathon. Perfect. Only problem is that our balcony faces a road and it sounds like the Space Shuttle is taking off outside every time the light turns green.

Charlie and Phent are sleeping off an ear infection diagnosed by a friendly doctor who saw Charlie nursing when he walked into the exam room and said "Hey, Little Man! Having a little afternoon snack?" then helpfully offered to hold Charlie while I "got reorganized." Charlie amused himself during the wait by crawling in and out of the automatic sliding door and loudly shrieking with joy every time it opened. We were totally that family.

Ryan and his parents and all my clean clothes are still on the way down from the old house. I think I'll move the bedroom TV out here and watch two shows at once. And eat some Oatmeal Cream Pies.


Kyla said...

Cookies and cable is the best.

Feel better soon, Charlie!!

Sarah said...

the cable is awesome-- wait till you get the tivo.