Thursday, October 11, 2007

South or Bust

My dad and Charlie and I leave tomorrow afternoon after the movers finish loading the truck. When I picked up Charlie at daycare on Wednesday his teachers were both wearing shirts that said "Charlie Don't Go" and he was wearing a pink shirt that said "Charlie We Love You" that every one of the teachers at the center had signed.


So yes, I'm all sniffy and sad. And this morning had a little freak out because of my presentation which is now over. By noon all of our stuff will be gone. They packed my toothbrush and my hairbrush. I won't have access to them for a month while we live in a corporate apartment while we "wait for our rental to be ready" which is code for "wait for my parents' renter to leave so we can move in."

I've been to the coffee shop three times in two days. I studied for classes my sophomore year here, a year that started with a one! So much that the staff thought my study partner Robert and I were "a thing" (which, hahahahahaha!) and always brought him two forks for his cinnamon roll.

There is so much we will miss. I love driving by the hospital where Charlie was born every time I go to school. I love our church. I love our pretty house.

But maybe it's better we are leaving a town where you can take pictures like this in public. I mean really.

Living la vida redneck

Next time you see me I will be coming to you from our swanky corporate apartment in South. The title will probably be "I'd love to have dinner with you but we'd have to come down all those stairs to get to the car so I'll have to pass."


wordgirl said...

South will be good. I promise. Even with the traffic and the fact that babies have to wear a shirt in order to drink beer in a restaurant.

Kyla said...

Awww. That was too sweet of his teachers! How special is he?!

And the South will be good! And a bit closer to me, too. I'll have to haul my lazy butt up there sometime!

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding...that beer pic could have been any fabulous bbq joint down south....or any of my family gatherings :) Now that you're heading down south it'll make it easier for me to visit when I come down there to hibernate for the winter. --a
p.s. I told K that it felt like winter was 62. I'm screeeeewwwweed.

Sarah said...

Good luck with the move! And think how much fun you'll have visiting all your old favorite places. And also, the beer picture is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Living out of boxes isn't soooo bad. You actually get kinda used to it after awhile! ;) Anyways, K and J hope your move goes well, and I know you'll love it there!

Steph said...

We'll miss you!