Thursday, October 4, 2007

Next Stop, Cat Store

You know how you're not supposed to go to the grocery store hungry? I would like to add that you should never go to the grocery store after a post-advisor-meeting freakout, a misunderstanding with a friend, a conversation with your pastor/friend about how sad you are about moving (in a week), and with a baby who refused to take an afternoon nap so you could watch Oprah and sleep on the couch.

Can I offer anyone some comfort food?

So yes, the more rational part of my brain, a big part of which was delivered along with the placenta, knows that I am moving a week from tomorrow (!!) and that it's time to start cleaning out the fridge and not baking brownies and casseroles like a crazy cat lady. But the more emotional side of my brain has the rational side pushed up against a wall in an alley and is all "Man I'll CUT YOU if you make a single sound do you hear me?!"

Did you know the cranberry sauce isn't out yet at the store? It's a shame because it would have rounded out tonight's dinner of turkey, green beans, and stuffing so nicely. What's funny is that even though I spent like ten minutes in the canned vegetable section looking for cranberry sauce I didn't feel even the slightest bit crazy until I got home and unloaded all that stuffing.

I've scheduled a haircut for tomorrow. Maybe this isn't the best time.


Sarah said...

That's awesome! Dinner sounds DELICIOUS. Also, never grocery shop when pregnant. I bought the most random crap yesterday-- like 2 kinds of sour candy and goat cheese. NOT ingredients for a dinner of any kind. Also, moving sucks.

Anonymous said...

I want those walnut brownies! Yum :) Call me if you need to vent or whatever. I'm going to go make stuffing now. For some reason I have a strange craving :) --a

Rebecca said...

HAAAAAA!!! I had my son on the 17th of he is "a bit" younger than Charlie, I laughed so hard at you delivering part of your brain with the placenta!! OMG!! How true!! One of the things we weren't told beforehand..along with what happens to your tata's! All childless women who plan on getting pregnant in the future...disregard that last sentence! kthxbye!

Kyla said...

I want those brownies...or maybe just the batter. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Crazy cat lady! You make me laugh.