Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Gym, my new BFF

We arrived a little early, at 9:15 for a 9:30 class. Which to my neurotic self is about five minutes late because the man who runs the place (and who is an alum of MyUniversity, GUNS UP!) asked me to get there early and 9:15 is merely "on time". As soon as we entered the lobby Charlie began pointing through the windows into the Gym and saying "Oooooh!" over and over again and trying to wriggle free of my grip.

The class began with Bell Time (timid smile, gentle bell shaking) and then it was time to walk around in a big circle together. For Charlie, the youngest kid in the class, it was time for me to hold him by the elbows ("Spot from the elbows, Mom, so he can learn to balance all by himself" dislocated shoulders be damned) and drag him in a circle while his little feet struggled for traction. He loved it (huge smile, lots of shrieking).

When it was time for Do Whatever You Want Time (or as Charlie called it "so happy I'm going to explode time") I let Charlie go and he crawled faster than I've ever seen him go over to a giant foam ramp. He crawled up the ramp and then beamed at me proudly. He also loved the tunnel, where he crawled back and forth so fast I thought I would have to go in there to get him (this was similar to a game we played at TheOldHouse in which he would crawl under the dining room table and I would run around to the other side and "scare" him and he would collapse in a fit of happy screaming and giggling. He could play for hours if I wasn't such a selfish mommy who wanted him to eat dinner and take a bath). He loved trying to hang from a wooden bar and his teacher helped him do a flip (he demonstrated readiness by hanging his head back when held on his back near the bar, or something).

Once he even seemed to forget that he doesn't know how to walk yet because he stood up in my lap and tried to take off after a little girl on the big foam ramp.

Ball time, where the bigger kids learned to throw while Charlie satisfied his oral fixation, was fun until it was over and then it was NOT FUN, but by that point he was totally exhausted.

He had such a good time that even before I knew how well it would make him sleep I paid for the rest of the semester. And then I went to Ulta to pick up some nail polish and clippers to replace the ones that are in storage because oh my gosh I was not prepared to have to take off my shoes. And also a hairbrush because they packed that too and I was tired of looking like Steven Tyler. Nine years in TheOldTown have not been good for my personal grooming standards apparently.

Charlie fell asleep immediately when we got home for an hour, but the best part was that he slept an hour later than normal this morning. I rushed through my morning routine expecting him to wake up any second but soon found myself watching the Today Show and periodically checking his vital signs.

I can't wait for next Wednesday.


Kyla said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time!! How fun.

Sarah said...

Little Gym rocks-- Harry is taking a LG-induced nap right now! So glad you liked (and isn't it cute how they say semester?)