Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Later this post will be used as part of my insanity defense

No time to post... busy preparing to move and working on a presentation my advisor insists on me making on Thursday while my dad supervises the packers at my house and Ryan receives his fourth IV Immunoglobulin transfusion (like the one that gave him a fever of 102.4 on Friday night and caused me to freak out to such a degree that my dad cancelled all his plans for the week and drove up to help us (and keep me from buying more stuffing)).

Ryan's dissertation defense is tomorrow and then my mom can say "My dawtah married a doctah!" to all her friends because she is sometimes an ethnic New York City Jewish woman trapped in a New England Episcopalian's body.

I'm stealing five minutes at the coffee shop where somehow I confused the barista (who was a man, so it is probably "baristo") so much that he brought me (just me) a glass of iced tea and a cup of coffee and a smile that says "Enjoy all this caffeine, clearly you need it more than we do."


Kyla said...

Wow. I think you'd get acquitted using this defense. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

yay for the big move! I hope this means we'll see you over ChristmaChanukkaKwanzaaca! Good luck babes :-)

Sarah said...

That's really awesome that Ryan defends his dissertation tomorrow-- tell him good luck from people he's never met (Ben says good luck, too). Do you get to go watch??