Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Behold my Generation Y-ness

I nearly killed myself by caffeine overdose yesterday. Every available drop of moisture was sucked from my entire body. I was twitchy and scattered and very very irritable.

Why did I do this? What could have possibly been so bad?

My car broke down. In my driveway. When I was trying to go to the coffee shop.

It started and then stalled and then made this machine gun noise when I tried to start it again (and then it started yelling unintelligably and shaking its fists at the heavens because WHAT NEXT?! COME ON BRING IT! Maybe that was me.).

I already had a caffeine headache, so I had to act quickly. I had sent my coffeemaker to South with my dad to get it off the counter so the kitchen would look bigger. So I briefly thought about walking to Arby's down the street but thought once I was there the temptation to also get a large order of curly fries would overwhelm me. Then I considered the drug front/taco restaraunt on the corner but that was too scary.

I would have to make my own tea. I filled up our electric tea kettle and dropped two Lipton family sized teabags into our lemonaide pitcher. I poured boiling water over the bags and went to the other room to check my email. When I came back the tea was so strong I couldn't see through it. I tried adding water but even when I had almost filled the pitcher completely the tea was still too dark. "What are you going to do?" I thought as I poured myself a nice tall glass, being sure to use lots of ice.

That was a mistake. Not as much as the second glass though.

Whoops. Sorry about the attitude, honey! Thanks for fixing my car! Kiss kiss!

Hi Charlie!
Can you believe this little guy is eleven months old today?


Sarah said...

I am so jealous of the caffeine consumption! I miss coffee and really dark tea...

That's an adorable newborn picture of Charlie!

Kyla said...

"That was a mistake. Not as much as the second glass though."


And Charlie is almost out of babyhood. *sob* How does that happen?