Monday, October 15, 2007

At least he'll learn to make his bed neatly and shine his shoes

Guess who has his first day in the toddler room tomorrow! Yeah. When the hell did THAT happen?

When I visited all the babies were sitting on tiny chairs around a round table having cheese and crackers.

Always eager to please, I assured the director "Oh yeah, he's eating table food," which to me I guess means "food that can be placed on a table and not sucked from my boob" and then she handed me a calendar with their daily menu. Cheeseburger day promises to be a struggle.

Know what happens after morning snack? Arts and crafts time. Am I the only one who is having trouble picturing a kid who rubs mashed bananas in his hair like it's leave-in conditioner patiently gluing macaroni to a cutout of his hand?

And also? No cribs. They have funny little cots. And only one nap. Apparently in South "daycare" is a euphemism for "military school for babies."

I visited another center today that was very nice except that all the other kids in Charlie's room were eight feet tall and they wore shoes and ran and were very very loud. Charlie clung to my chest and looked very concerned. He would have been trampled! I cooed "Oooh, Charlie, look at all the other kids! Aren't they having fun!" as I backed out slowly and then ran to the car once I passed the main office.

(speaking of "ooooh", Charlie's newest thing is pointing at something he finds interesting and saying "oooh!" I wonder where he learned that! Ryan noticed it in the lights and fans section at Lowe's)

So anyway, it's only two days a week. I'm still a nervous wreck (imagine!). I can get some work done, Charlie can learn a few things during "Applied Physics and Rocket Science Time" (which is just after afternoon nap).

Stay tuned for a blubbering mess of a post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Before you know it, he'll be doing rocket surgery :) --a

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun for both of you! Little cots- that's really cute.

Kyla said...

The Dreaded Toddler Room. It is always a hard transition for mom, but I think the kids usually love it as long as they are ready to drop a nap.