Monday, September 10, 2007

This One's for You, Amalah

Here at Academomia, we aim to please.

We're all klass

It's out in the garage now, you know, just in case you're doing a load of whites and don't want to leave in case it's time add the fabric softener or something (clearly I have no idea what I'm talking about).

Thanks for all the nice comments you left me after the last post. Ryan's legs were feeling much better this morning. They're not all better but compared to yesterday he's Fred Astaire. And Mr. Scream-Until-I-Make-A-Scary-Choking-Noise is resting peacefully in his crib; seemingly he is over whatever was bothering him yesterday. Even after I dragged him all over town looking for this:

Air Raid

And after half an hour with the Methodist Hymnal and the Book of Common Prayer and then another half hour with "Pledged: The Secret Lives of Sororities" I was able to have a great night's sleep. I'm feeling much less like retreating to adolescence, willing to face high school again in exchange for having no responsibilities or hard decisions to make.

And? I heard on the radio that a cold front is coming and we have a sixty percent chance of rain and the overnight low is going to be 59. It's FALL. YAY! And the best part about this fall is that we will be leaving before the really stupid part when it snows. It's a good year.

I'm going to go stack extra quilts by my bed.


Kyla said...

Why put a TV in the bathroom when you can put a toilet in the living room? That's what I always say, anyway. ;)

So glad both your boys are doing better!

And send that fall weather down this way!

Leah said...

That is one lovely photo for posterity.

FYI, you guys have been in my prayers. I couldn't comment before (D. hates the computer), but I wanted you to know...

Steph said...

Thank goodness for the cooler weather. I slept through the night for the first time since I can remember.

Sarah said...

That's awesome-- very inviting. Also awesome is Charlie's shirt-- he looks so grown up!