Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pictures: Because my brain is busy trying to figure out why it's still so hot outside.

Friday, Godmother and I took Charlie to pick apples outside of town. Thanks to my blog-friend Sarah for the great idea! Unfortunately there were no apples on the trees because of a late freeze this spring. Fortunately they plied us with apple turnovers and tea. Charlie loved his turnover and had fun with the pumpkins.



Gameday we dressed Charlie in red and took him for a walk near the university. I think Charlie's spirited pigtails contributed to our University's sixty-eight point victory. Absurd and unnecessary sand kicking? Yes. Deeply satisfying? Yes.

Another Rowdy Game Day

Our friends J and D hosted a going-away barbeque in our honor. During the party, Godfather announced the score of the ball game. In keeping with a tradition begun during my time as an undergrad (when, after the traditional parading of the goalpost through the streets, several dozen students stripped down and jumped into a fountain on campus), Charlie celebrated by taking off all his clothes and jumping in the nearest pool of water.

At the Last Hurrah Barbeque

Sunday we bought these chairs from our friends (who bought them at a yardsale a few years ago) and dragged the big bad couch to the garage. They came with ottomans!

New Chairs

Do people with real jobs trade furniture? Because we've replaced an entire living room worth of furniture for less than $100. I really need to remember to not respond to Ryan's boss's wife's "Those shoes are darling!" with "Oh! Thanks! They were my friend A's. One night we all got together with the stuff we were going to take to Goodwill and traded. It was so much fun."

What's it like to not be in school? Someone hold me.


Anonymous said...

Ok so now you have D & J's chairs, we have their table, you have our couch, and you, me, A, J, & K all have eachother's clothes. I really don't see anything strange there.

Forgot to ask Orchard Lady how she makes her iced tea. Mmm, like licking the bad. Delish.

Anonymous said...

Those are kick ass shoes :) --a

p.s. which ones are they?

Becca said...

Haha, a, the only shoes of yours I have are your platform flip flops that I borrowed for my pregnant Brit Brit costume last Halloween. I do have your (cough, high school boyfriend's, cough) size XXL Episcopal Athletics #77 shorts, but no one besides Ryan and Charlie should EVER see me wearing them (not that it hasn't happened).

Kyla said...

Apple turnovers. Yum.

Could Charlie be cuter? I mean honestly, he is so adorable.

Nah, we don't buy furniture is our last delusion of youth. You see, only grown ups buy furniture, so CLEARLY we cannot be grown ups. Solid logic.

Anonymous said...

I think being in school is a lot harder if you're married and have a child. Just one more think to balance. Aggies kiss their dates every time they score. "When the Aggies score...everybody scores".

Sarah said...

Such cute pumpkin pictures-- and the pool shot is awesome.

Not be in school? I have never heard of such a thing-- you'll have to tell me what it's like. I don't know how to think other than in semesters...