Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nowhere in your wedding vows does it say "I won't ask you to climb onto the roof with a chainsaw..."

But maybe it should.


For weeks this stupid tree has been scraping the little pipes that stick up out of the roof every time the wind blew. All night long, scraaaaape, scraaaape, scratch scratch, scraaaaape. Like some horror movie featuring Evil Santa and eight tiny reindeer with pointy spikes for hooves.

Tonight there was football on instead of Must See TV so it was either Big Brother or the roof. And let me tell you, that roof is steeper than it looks, especially when you are wielding a four-hundred pound pound saw-on-a-stick. Makes you wonder about the two lawn chairs and 36 quart cooler adorning the roof of a similar house two blocks down. Rooftop beer drinking? Really? That's what we call natural selection.

(I'm going to have to keep this short because there is a giant-ass red bug flying around the lights on the ceiling fan and I am going to have to go somewhere else. I may be able to saw branches down while perched on my roof but I don't do bugs, especially when there is even the slightest chance that it could be a bee)

In closing, Charlie asks that I stop interrupting him during his special bedtime ritual.

Why Not?


Kyla said...

LOL. Natural selection indeed.

And I am the same way with bugs/bees. Terror. Ick.

Sarah said...

wow-- chainsaw is awesome-- v. impressed. and could charlie be any cuter? not possible!

Lisa M said...

I am surfing over here from Amalah's site and oh my god! I know in my wedding vows it also didn't say "I won't ask you to sleep with loaded weapons because I have such craaaazy people working for me"! Haha! I love your blog! Thanks for making me laugh today :)

Anonymous said...

Your baby is darling. It's hard to tell from the picture but is his head propped up so his milk is not draining into his eustachian tubes? Because that milk. It will set up an infection in his ears. Something no one wants!
And the chainsaw on the roof? You are one brave lady! I'm impressed.