Thursday, September 27, 2007

Charlie and Becca and the No Good, Mixed Up Day

I never should have washed Phent. Karma is pissed.

I left my house to get some work done at the coffee shop. And I was on my way to having a very productive day. The most productive in weeks, probably. I was in the middle of tracking down all the work I've done all spring and summer and sorting it so that I could begin summarizing it and maybe even writing some sentences (Nay! Paragraphs! Paragraphs I say!) when Charlie's parents'-day-out called.

"Has Charlie had any yucky diapers recently?"

Yes, five blowouts in three days, five poops on Monday, two on Tuesday, and three yesterday, each bearing a striking resemblance to Grey Poupon Country Style Mustard.

"Ummmmm, yeah, maybe a couple... why?"

"We've had a bit of a stomach bug going around here and he just woke up with a very yucky diaper and he's also been coughing..."

"Heh heh, well he's been coughing since May and now he's on something for allergies."

"I see...." trails off, pregnant pause

Consider alternatives: Let him stay until pickup (another three hours) knowing that he's pretty much over the bug he had and knowing how much more fun he has there with all of the giant plastic toys they have and become known as the Mother Who Lets Her Sick Baby Stay at Daycare. Settle into another cup of tea and possibly a scone and three uninterrupted hours of work on my dissertation.

"Why don't I come pick him up now?"

"Thanks so much! See you in a few minutes.

We did lots of fun things. We went out for lunch, we played on the floor, he crawled all over the house, he climbed on the couch, we took cars out on the driveway and he crawled all over pulling up on our neighbor's fence and my car. He was covered in grass and dirt and certainly looked like he had had a good time. But he just wasn't himself all day. He was quiet and moody instead of loud and happy. At dinner he alternately ate ravenously and then screamed and pushed the spoon away. When I put him to bed he nursed for twenty five minutes and fell asleep. He woke up as soon as he hit the crib mattress. Ten rounds of "House at Pooh Corner" had absolutely no effect. That was forty five minutes ago. I met Ryan at the door like "I don't know what's wrong we did so many fun things but he just had a bad day and now he won't go to sleep please help me I'm gonna cry."

Ryan's in the nursery now and they are both giggling.


Kyla said...

That's how it always happens. I have days where the kids are both acting like crazy pod-people versions of themselves and I tell Josh how insane it is...then he walks in and the suddenly become humans again.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't know if I'll be able to make another roast beef and mustard sandwich...

Sarah said...

Poor Charlie, and poor you! Harry's been like that for a couple of days, too. And I could really go for a scone. Specifically, an orange scone from Panerra. Sliced.