Thursday, August 9, 2007

We're moving to...

You don't know how badly I wish I had an answer for you (especially you, you, you and you in North and you, you, you, you, and you in South). In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of Charlie in his fort:

Charlie in his fort

Charlie in his fort

He got in there all by himself last night while Ryan and I were deciding whether we would like to give Charlie a Norman Rockwellian childhood complete with sledding, ice skating, and trips to the beach in the summer or if we would rather leave the house between the months of October and April without contracting pneumonia and dying.

The offer from South came this morning (I nearly backed my car into the FedEx truck so eager was I to get to the coffee shop). We opened the cardboard envelope together at the coffee shop. It did not contain the burning bush we had hoped for (Nevis, private jet, free childcare?) but it was good. Ryan is so cool.

I think we have made a decision but the deadline is tomorrow which leaves a lot of time for mind-changing. And given my fickleness of late, there could be a lot of mind changing. Just to be safe I should stay away from freezers, roads, stairs, pictures of my family, my cell phone, and instant messenger. Oh, and Craigslist, because that website is dirty dirty crack to me.

I think we'll have another frozen pizza tonight because ALL DECISIONS ARE TOO HARD.


Sarah said...

oh man-- the suspense!

fort is really funny!

Kyla said...

I have photos of BubTar doing the same thing. :)

Good luck on the decision!