Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're going to South!

We'll move sometime in early October. I can't wait. Even though our dream of urban living has been compromised to the point that we will probably be living in a McMansion and driving an Ford Expedition by the time we are thirty.

And now for A Collection of Anecdotes Too Short for Their Own Post:

Tonight we are supposed to get hit by the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin. It looks really neat outside right now. Given my dissertation topic (Hurricane Boundary Layer Turbulence) you can imagine how jazzed I am about this. Maybe it is time to suck it up and pay the $12 in late fees we owe so I can rent a movie and make homemade macaroni and cheese and enjoy the rain from inside my cozy house.

Charlie is crawling a lot now. This morning he repeatedly went after Rossby while he was eating. Rossby was not pleased, as you can imagine. Although now Rossby sniffs Charlie's diapered bottom while he is crawling. There has been other behavior that indicates Rossby thinks Charlie is a special present that we brought home just for him (if ya know what I mean heh heh). This results in harsh words and immediate exile to the back yard for the poor confused puppy.

Charlie can now sit himself up from laying down. It still cracks me up when I hear a strange noise coming from the nursery and go in there to find him sitting up in his crib crashing two pacifiers together like cymbals. Last night Ryan and I were watching him at bedtime. He was sitting up with his back to the door, idly picking at the label on Phent. After a couple of minutes he abruptly pitched forward onto his tummy, bottom up in the air, and went to sleep. Too funny.

All of our stuff seems to know that we are thisclose to having a real income for the first time in our life together. We don't have cable, so the only stations we get are NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and whatever channel Gilmore Girls was on. This is not a big deal to me because there are only a handful of shows I like to watch and they are mostly on NBC. But now! NBC doesn't work right. It works, then gets fuzzier and fuzzier until finally it loses the signal all together. To fix it, you have to flip up to ABC and then back (of course!). This technique works about half the time. Another ten percent of the time the problem can be fixed by a well placed whack to the back of the TV. Threats and remote control throwing do not work, but they are still oddly satisfying.


Sarah said...

Is it wrong that I want a mcmansion? Congrats on the decision and good luck with the move.

Oh? and once Harry could sit up, STANDING was days away, so here's looking forward to that! We can never ever move any of our furniture because it's all attached to the wall.

Kyla said...

Oooooh! Yay South!

We got drenched yesterday from Erin. Josh had to wade home in the rain because the car wouldn't have made it.

wordgirl said...

Where in the South?