Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So cool

Recently I've been trying to do something fun with Charlie on the way home from his daycare. Sometimes we go to the library to play in the big pile of bean bags (that was a huge bust because all he wanted to do was push his stroller around and I just couldn't let it go). Sometimes we go to the park to play on the swings or in the sand.

Yesterday we went to the coffee shop so I could use their high speed wireless to finish downloading some files for school. Charlie flapped his arms and squeaked with excitement as I pulled his beloved shape sorter from the trunk of my car. I ordered a drink and we went outside to the deck. I opened my laptop, Charlie pulled a plastic ball out of the shape sorter and inspected it. I connected to the internet, Charlie pulled out another block out and shook it. I couldn't do what I wanted to for work so I put my computer away.

We had a wonderful time shaking blocks together and then hitting blocks together, rolling the balls along the boards of the deck and trying to roll the balls across the boards. Then Charlie crawled over to a bench that separates two sections of the deck and pulled himself to his feet.

I watched him for fifteen minutes as he played with sticks and leaves on the seat of the bench. I'd watch him stick his head through the back of the bench to look at the other side, then try to figure out how to get his head back to other side. He would let go with one hand and then dance and laugh when I told him what a big smart boy he was (complete with hand clapping and exaggerated happy faces, no one else was on the deck thank goodness). He stared in amazement at the patterns made on the wall when the wind rustled the leaves of a tree.

There are no babies here. Only one really cool little boy (albeit one who sleeps clutching a blanket that has an elephant head and feet sewed on).

Here is a re-enactment of Charlie standing up at the coffee shop.
Fort 2
It was just like that except without all the enticing electrical cords. On a related note, how many times can you gently bump your head on a desk without crying while you don't think anyone is looking at you? Seven million. What happens when you gently bump your head one time while Mom is sitting right next to you? Loud loud screaming.

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Sarah said...

Awwww. What a big boy! Cords are a nightmare for us-- we have some seriously ridiculous cord camouflage.