Thursday, August 3, 2006

Sleeping in a Rotisserie and the Little Storm that Couldn't

I feel like I sleep in a rotisserie. Partly because it's hot and partly because I'm not supposed to sleep on my back so I have to roll from side to side about every hour or my hands go to sleep. This can be quite a production with the assortment of pillows that now accompany me to bed. Saturday marks week 26 of the pregnancy. That means only 14 weeks to go and we can meet the little guy! That's not very much time. I'm really looking forward to November for many reasons.#1, the obvious: meet the baby. #2, my qualifying exam will be a distant memory (and either I will be working on finishing my degree or preparing grande no fat mocha soy lattes for people). #3, I get 6 WEEKS OFF FROM SCHOOL to be a REAL WIFE and a MOM!!#4, I won't be getting much sleep, but when I lie down, I will be comfortable!!

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