Friday, August 25, 2006

Is anyone else hot?

Although it's hard to detect because 98 degrees is hot whether you're pregnant or not, it seems that the horomone hot part of the pregnancy has kicked in. At least that's the conclusion I came to yesterday at teambuilding when I was wondering if it would be appropriate if I took off my shoes and socks while everyone else was huddled in their chairs shivering.Funny husband moment:Yesterday during a break I checked my phone and had two missed calls from Ryan, who was out of town for the day. I was worried something had gone wrong because of the two calls and because he almost never calls during the day. Concerned, I checked my voicemail and received this message: "Hi sweetie, I just wanted to ask you to please turn the thermostat up to the daytime temperature if you are at home or to please do it whenever you go home. Thanks!" I never thought of our electric bill as frantic phone call territory, but I guess Men are from know.Have I mentioned yet how SICK I am of studying? I just can't focus when my body is screaming FEED ME! LET ME REST!" I saw one of my professors from undergrad today and I told him when my due date and qualifying exam were and he said "Oh good so after your test you'll get some maternity leave?" I just smiled. I didn't want to say "No, after my test I work frantically up until my due date to get as much done as possible. Hell I might even take my laptop into the delivery room." Since I live on the verge of tears right now no matter what mood I am in I don't think I could have made it through the conversation if I'd told him the truth. And being that I had him for a couple of undergrad classes, this particular professor has already witnessed about five too many of my freakouts. I wonder if my doctor would put me on strict stress avoidance orders if she read my blog. Sort of like bed rest for your brain.Back to trying to concentrate. Whatever.

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