Wednesday, August 29, 2007


To: Doctor Advisor
From: Becca
Subject: Today's Presentation

I will not be able to present my recent research today as planned due to the following reasons:

1. Period. Yuck. (and also, what the hell? Am I just going to be fatigued and nauseous for the rest of my life? Is that my baseline now? Because that paired with an irregular cycle is enough to freak me right out of drinking three cups of coffee a day at least a week out of every month. And then I get NOTHING done.)

2. Ryan took the last of the pizza that I was going to eat for lunch today.

3. My breastpump isn't working and I don't have any shirts big enough to make me not look like a hooker.

3. There was a cockroach in my school bag and I will not have access to any of my notes until Ryan comes home and determines that it is safe to bring it back inside from the back yard where I threw it (while shrieking "shitshitshitshitshit").


I need to lie down.


This & That said...


Once, my youngest son brought a frog in the house via his shoe of which he had to put on in my bedroom, the frog jumped out and into the bathroom. I was screaming get the frog out of this house, my oldest was laughing!!

Kyla said...

I feel your pain. Really, I do, unfortunately. Except #3. I had no pizza to steal.

Josh had a roach on his bath spongey recently. Ewww. He may or may not have danced like a little girl while trying to kill it. I may or may not have laughed at him.

Kyla said...

Oh, and not #4 either. No breastpumping happening around here. And I most definitely don't look like a hooker in the pajamas I changed BACK INTO after taking KayTar to therapy this morning. To explain why I changed back in to pjs, please refer to # 1 on your list. *lol*

Sarah said...

Ha! That whole thing cracked me up. Especially the cockroach-- OMG!