Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Earth Mama?

A friend emailed me a link to a cloth-diapering website. I never thought I was crunchy enough to want to use cloth diapers but this website has me convinced. There are several reasons (the technology has gotten pretty good with velcro and leak prevention), but one of the biggest is an article I read about running errands in town with your baby. The author was the first I've ever seen to lay out some commmon sense guidelines for what you actually need to take with you. She said to bring three diapers, wipes, a changing pad (and if you use cloth you can use a diaper as a changing pad), and an easy change of clothes for the baby (a onezie for example). Everything else I've seen makes preparing to run to the video store with your baby rival packing her for her freshman year of college--not only do you need diapers and wipes, but you also need a full set of clothes for the baby AND for you, toys, four or five bottles, an epi pen, snake bite kit, flares, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love carrying my backpack around at school loaded down with 30 lbs of books and folders, I just don't want to take its baby equivalent on a quick trip to the mall to return a pair of pants! The author's philosophy, which I might make my personal creedo, is "What's the worst that could happen? You have to go home?" Now I know that this personal philosophy could also be applied with disposable diapers, and maybe the best solution is to use cloth at home and disposable on trips, etc, but I identify with so much of what these mamas are saying, maybe I should give it a try. After all, the worst that could happen is I go back to disposables and will have spent a little more than normal on dust rags.Today's dilema is that I wore my cute new brown cordoroy skirt to the coffee shop and since my belly prevents me from crossing my legs in any kind of ladylike way I am struggling to find an appropriate sitting position. Maybe I should sit across the table so I'm facing the wall. Bigger question, who really cares?

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