Thursday, August 23, 2007


When I put Charlie to bed he cries. He nurses for twenty minutes, falls asleep, then when I move him to the crib he wakes up and cries bitterly. He always settles down after about ten minutes, so we figured that's just what he needed to do to get to sleep.

Ryan put him to bed tonight with a nice full bottle of formula. He went to sleep without a peep.

Pumping used to take ten minutes each time. And I'd get seven or eight ounces. Now I can hook the pump up for almost an hour and get five ounces for the first session and one ounce for the second. I have five hours of work time a day and almost two is spent distracted by the pumping.

In the morning this week Charlie has been unusually whiney but calms right down when Ryan gets him to daycare and gives him his breakfast (a whole banana and some oatmeal).

He's almost ten months old. I don't think I'll be able to make it two more months.

And how could I not know he was hungry? I feel awful.

And I'm sad.

But this is all that matters.
(Also pictured: Phent, Charlie's sleeping buddy)


Anonymous said...

Don't be sad...I send a hug :) You're an awesome mom and Charlie is doing great..--a

Janet said...

TEN MONTHS! Not all mothers can nurse for even that long. You are a champ!!! He is such a handsome and big boy. Give yourself (and your girls) a break. You've done a great, great job.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-- he is the cutest thing all cozy and asleep. When we stopped nursing before bed and Harry started drinking a sippy of cow's milk instead, he started sleeping all night long-- no waking up for food. So, he was hungry, too, I guess. Just think of the next two months as a slow weaning period and then-- buh bye pump!!

Kyla said...

We have it up at 8 months with BubTar. He was just too much of a hungry hippo for my boobies. Especially with solids in the mix...I couldn't keep up.

He is ADORABLE with Phent. Love it.

wordgirl said...

My middle one pretty much weaned himself. I was a demand breastfeeder and he was 9 pounds at birth. He ate a lot and I was producing a lot. But then he needed to eat more and more often and I simply couldn't keep up with the amount he needed to stay full Charlie...sleep through the night. If you can still nurse at all, it's just icing on the cake and the formula keeps him filled. That's all that matters.