Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Best Husband in the World, Part II and the Hot Neon Shuffle

Thanks for all the concerned emails and IMs I received yesterday as a result of my last post. I'm sorry to have worried all of you. I am in much better spirits today. Last night a little after 10:00 I was lying in bed reading my new Glamour and feeling grouchy (see last post) and princessy because my back hurt (too much time in a coffee shop chair I guess) when Ryan walked by the bedroom door. "Ryan, do you want any pancakes?" I asked. "No thanks, but I'm going to make you some." he replied. 20 mins later I was eating yummy pancakes with lots of syrup and butter. How can I stay in a bad mood when I have such a great support system? Unexpected bonus: the syrup was enough to send the baby into pinball mode again, so Ryan got to see and feel him move some more.This morning on my way to work (OK, work at the coffee shop, but I promise I'll be working in just a few minutes) I think I witnessed the death-throes of my car's air conditioner. It's been "acting up" for a month or two now, doing things like not working well for a few minutes here and there and making my little Neon consume irresponsible amounts of gas. But this morning when I started down my street my car started bucking like I was fifteen again and learning how to drive a standard... but I was already in the correct gear, clutch out and cruising. I turned off the air conditioner (A reflex I learned during my years of driving my high school car that had to be coaxed through every stop sign and red light by turning off the air conditioner) and pushed in the clutch thinking I must have made some weird mistake attributable to my absentminded pregnancy state. But it did it again a little later in a different gear. And again a little later, and again while I was SITTING AT A RED LIGHT! By the time I got a block from the coffee shop, the bucking had settled down but the A/C had totally given up. The good news is that I am about to start getting WAY better gas mileage. The bad news is that I am going to have to start driving naked because it is hot hot hot right now. Anyone with any advice, (about my car, not your thoughts on me driving naked), please leave a comment.

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