Monday, July 23, 2007

Roly Poly

Charlie and I just got back from a couple of days in Austin with my parents and my aunt. Charlie went on his fifteenth and sixteenth plane rides, went swimming, ate his first pancake, and hit his head on the floor approximately three-hundred and seventy-four times as he learned to get onto his tummy from a sitting position or slipped while trying to climb my legs. He loved swimming and loved riding around in his boat (it was a real boat! with leg holes!).

In his quest to master the correct hands and knees position for crawling he's been trying out the army crawl, the belly pivot, and my favorites, the downward facing dog and the plank position. (While I was googling those two I learned that both positions are part of the Standing Sun Salute, at which Charlie was quite proficient before he was born. Of course I didn't call it the Standing Sun Salute then, I called it the "GET YOUR FIST OUT OF MY APPENDIX! pose" and Ryan called it "But you just went to the bathroom at church!" pose).

While on the path to enlightenment, Charlie has resorted to rolling to get where he needs to go. At the airport this morning he was laying nicely on the carpeted airport floor, happily chewing on a toy while I happily chewed on a chocolate chip scone, when he suddenly took off rolling. I watched him and he stopped several feet away on his tummy still chewing on the toy. I shook a colorful caterpillar rattle and encouraged him to come back (I was afraid to get up to go get him. I don't know how far away from your bags you have to get before they come and take them away per the announcement made every five minutes in both English and Spanish but given how many bottles of sunscreen I've lost to the TSA I didn't want to take the chance). He blew a rasberry at me, did a quick upward facing dog and then rolled back over to me. "Namaste Mama!" he said and tried to grab my citrus mango green iced tea (I heart Austin and their hippy airport food).

I swear his first words will be "Mama's drink." and after he says it he's going to hold up an imaginary sippy cup and say "Charlie's drink!"


Kyla said...

Awww. Roly baby days. I remember those.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's antics have served as a somber reminder that I have been negligent in my yoga attendance. Thank you, Charlie.

Sarah said...

Harry has bruises on his forehead all the time-- I worry about all the head banging! Baby yoga-- adorable!

Dwigh Marquez said...

I've not applied any kind of structure to my Vidhigra goals as soon as I get this with every stratagem I use.