Thursday, July 5, 2007

New England Super-Trip Wrap Up

It would be difficult to overstate my love for the Fourth of July. My church has a big Fourth of July concert every year complete with a patriotic sing-along and a medley of armed forces theme songs that make me so giddy I have to whisper inappropriate comments to Ryan to stop from tearing up as I bounce in my seat along with the music.

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that we would be in Boston, home of the biggest Fourth of July celebration anywhere in the country, for the Fourth. And ohhhh myyyy goooooodnessss was it great.

Having already decided that the fireworks show would be too late and possibly too scary for Charlie, we hopped on the T into Boston from Cambridge in the early evening and walked up the Esplanade from the Charles/MGH stop to experience the spectacle of 350,000 people, 150,000 more people than live in MyTown, all gathered to hear the Pops and see the fireworks.

As soon as our train popped out of the tunnel onto the bridge over the river we could see them. The river was filled with boats and both shores were lined with people as far as the eye could see. It was magical. We walked far enough up Storrow Drive to see the corner of the Hatch Shell. I was practically vibrating with excitement. I was my own light source.

Being there made me think that just maybe if we brought the Pack and Play out we could make it work, you know, in keeping with the theme of the trip which was "Drag Charlie around forcing him to experience new things until one of us starts crying," but it was threatening to rain and Charlie is still getting over his cold, so we decided to head back to the hotel and put him to bed.

Fortunately (!!!) we were staying at the Hotel Dreams Are Made Of again and they are wonderful and I heart them. Because they gave us a room OVERLOOKING THE RIVER. THE RIVER WHERE THE FIREWORKS ARE!!! I wasn't sure we'd be able to see because we were only on the seventh floor. But while I was watching the Pops play the Star Spangled Banner on our enormous TV and saw the F-16s do their flyover I ran to the window and THERE THEY WERE. (In addition to patriotic sing-alongs and armed forces medleys, both of which were featured during last night's concert, military flyovers also get me excited to the point of vaclempt. It can be embarassing, but it's ok because Ryan gets me.)

We watched the fireworks at the conclusion of the 1812 Overture standing at our window. We didn't even have to get out of bed to watch the big fireworks show at the end. It was set to music which we had going on the TV. Special fancy hotel bed with two cozy quilts plus fireworks plus Pops concert on TV? Wow wow wee wow.

Here are some pictures from our trip I've been meaning to post:


Charlie enjoying his first Indian food, Naan. We ate at this place called the Kebab Factory that I picked at random from our car because I was starving and tired of being in the car. I told Ryan that I knew it was good because it had a Zagat sticker on the window. I didn't tell him that I only knew what that meant because I saw it on "The Apprentice" a couple of seasons ago.

We worked off our Indian food at this cool playground with big swings and fountains to play in.

Cape Cod swimming. Not a fan. I think the breaking waves were scary. He did a little better when we were out past those (until one big wave soaked him all the way to his chin).

Sleeping off the swimming.

Maine swimming. The water is freezing but he didn't mind.


Kyla said...

Great photos. I'm glad that they put up those Charlie's Here! posters in honor of his arrival. Everyone must know when a baby that cute is in the vicinity. :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. he is so cute, especially in the water. I know what you mean about tearing up-- you know what does it to me every time? Sporting events and movies about sports-- and I don't even like sports. I just get so darn proud of the winning team/ player (tennis is especially moving).

Art Nerd said...

That photo of Charlie with the naan looks like the best advertisement ever for India food! I'd even try it!