Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just One

We took Charlie and Rossby-the-Dog to the park on Saturday morning. On the way we stopped at the grocery store to buy donuts and for me to stop at the Starbucks next door.

On the way into the store Ryan said "What do you want?"

"Just one."

"One what?"

"One chocolate. One glazed."

Sorry I've been quiet. Friday was awful (nothing serious) but I got a lot of work done. Friday night our internet went down until Ryan was able to take our wireless modem into the store on Saturday afternoon. That was a long fourteen hours. We've had dear old friends staying with us this weekend. We've had a nice time with them.

And A? We moved the bed out of the living room and the dogs only woke me up once last night.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess when company shows up, the matress has to go back to the bedroom...maybe the doggies would like some kiddie benedryl? K's mom comes later this week, so I'm playing the "shove everything into our closet, no one will look there" game. Quite fun :) --a

Kyla said...

NO INTERNET? I have nightmares about that. *shudder* I think I'd be all twitchy with withdrawal.

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