Monday, July 30, 2007

Being the Bad Cop

This morning Ryan and I were in the kitchen, sleepily going through the motions of the morning routine--preparing bottles, making Charlie's oatmeal, stuffing diapers, making sandwiches for lunch, trying to be polite before we got the chance to visit our respective caffeine suppliers while Charlie played quietly on the floor in the family room.

Charlie's newfound mobility (a combination of belly pivoting, scooting backwards, and rolling) means that we have to be a little more watchful while he is playing on the floor than before (a point made quite clear when I returned from the bathroom expecting to see Charlie playing in the middle of the mattress on the floor but instead found him happily lying under the coffee table a few feet away).

While squinting at the graduations on the side of one of Charlie's bottles and trying (unsuccessfuly) to pour water from a gallon-sized jug into the opening at the top without splashing icy cold water all over my hand I heard a strange thud. Charlie was laying on his back, feet against the doors to the entertainment center, a blue stacking ring braceleted around his right rist. When he saw me, he started kicking again and giggled. Thud thud thud, giggle giggle giggle. We both had to turn around so he didn't see how hard we were laughing.

"Wait, he's kicking furniture! And he's watching us to see if we will react!" I struggled to maintain a serious face as I moved him to another part of the room to play with an appropriate toy. And so it begins.

Charlie got a haircut on Thursday!



Did you know babies have to wear socks to get a haircut? I've never felt like such a redneck as I did on Thursday when I had to go into the DollarTree next to the ProCuts to buy Charlie a pair of socks so he could get his hair cut.

He was awarded a certificate for bravery when it was all over. And I'm sure one day I will look back and he will have seemed brave. But for now I will remember him clinging to my chest whimpering and burying his face in my shoulder. I left a LARGE tip.


Anonymous said...

He looks so much older w/ his hair cute!! :) So now he's seeing what you reaction is to stuff...yup that's trouble --a

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness-- he's so cute, and he looks like a tiny little boy instead of a baby!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, TRICKY!!!! Good thing he started with kicking things instead of getting a tattoo. -And

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut! He's less of a baby and more of a little boy.