Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Food Police Have Been Deleted from my Favorites

Haha! Take that suckers! They were making me a teensy bit insane and I was turning into that summer roommate I had once and never really liked who would announce the calorie content of every meal she had as she was eating it. Sometimes she would helpfully point out the difference between the calories of her food and the calories of my food. She was a HOOT.

We are eating waffles and sausage for dinner tonight.

I did the academic equivalent of drunk dialing today. That's when, in a fit of over-caffeinated frustration, you write an inappropriately long email detailing the different things you have tried and that have failed followed by a statement along the lines of "I can't do this it's hopeless I'm sorry for being so dumb" and then send it off to your advisor without thinking that perhaps a simple "I'm having some trouble, when's a good time to stop by?" would have done the trick and made me look a lot less manic depressive.

So you can see how a veggie burger on whole wheat bread with a side of carrot sticks dipped in hummus is just NOT GOING TO DO IT FOR ME TONIGHT.

Bright side? I have a long one-on-one meeting with Dr. Advisor next week where we are going to figure this out (and possibly also a trained professional will be on standby to stab me in the neck with a tranquilizer filled syringe should things get out of hand).

Lastly, we are in big, big trouble:

Uh Oh!

He was even higher than that before I got the camera ready. Maybe he can join me when they put me in a padded room. Those are baby-proofed right?


Anonymous said...

Is your mattress still in your living room? I know a guy who knows a guy who can "fix" that barking dog problem :) --abby

Sarah said...

oh my gosh-- look at him climb! ha ha ha-- you totally are in trouble!!!

i drunk mailed some of my MA professors when I started my PhD program to "htnaks you for makin me suc a good students"-- sure they were so proud even though they never responded...

Kyla said...

Not Charlie!! He can't be big enough for that yet!!

Yeah, you're totally in for it now. ;)

I think I have drunk mailed the pediatrician on occassion (only I was sober). And then I think "She's busting her ass for us, maybe she doesn't need my emotional issues on top of all that." So next email is all "Thanks so much for everything and I'm sorry I'm an insane blubbering mess. I'm leaving you alone now. :)" And also? I send her gift baskets of baked goods and take her out to dinner on balance the scales a bit.

Art Nerd said...

am so guilty of the inappropriate email omg!